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April 11, 2011

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Creative CrossFitters create new workouts every day. Emily Beers continues the search for signature workouts from around the world.

“I could totally do a pull-up on that branch.”

Greg Glassman changed the way CrossFitters view the world. Tree branches became pull-up bars, picnic tables turned into plyo boxes and swing sets seemed like great places to hang a set of rings. And that rock over there? You should probably overhead squat it.

Indeed, all the world is a CrossFit gym with the right pair of eyes and a little creativity.

This article, set in Vancouver, B.C., is the third in a series where we’ll publish some of the best workouts from locales around the world, giving residents and travelers a chance to test their fitness outside the box. If you have a set of landmarks, natural features or outdoor “equipment” suited for a great WOD, please view the submission guidelines on the last page of this article—then send us your workout!



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