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Ring Handstand Push-Ups With Jeff Tucker by Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal
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“This is really an advanced movement,” Jeff Tucker says of the ring handstand push-up. “Flexibility is going to be a big key here.”

Join the CrossFit Gymnastics coach as he takes elite athletes through ring handstand push-up progressions at the Again Faster Summit held at CrossFit New England. In Straddle Handstands, Tucker guided the athletes through wall-assisted, free-standing and ring work. In this video, Tucker explains the mechanics of the hand and head position for the ring handstand push-up, emphasizing midline stability or the “hollow contraction.”

“What you want to have is that shoulder right over those rings,” Tucker says. “And I want you to try to think about your feet, your knees, your hips, your shoulders and your hands in that same vertical line.”

Tucker says it is important to train “strength and form first before you go for time in these.” He suggests initiating the movement from the pressed, locked-out position.

Tucker helps Spencer Hendel and James Hobart work on their form in this challenging movement.

6min 45sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Volume Training for “Goats” by Brian Wilson, published Feb. 14, 2011.

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5 Comments on “Ring Handstand Push-Ups With Jeff Tucker”


wrote …

CrossFit is lucky to have Jeff Tucker. Really enjoy his coaching.


wrote …

Hey Jeff!

Many Thanks for the nice video! Keep up the great work.



wrote …

Thank you for the kind comments. So much fun working with the crew and team members from again faster... I really enjoyed this summit and breaking down some nuances of tis really difficult strength movement... HSPU on rings are no joke and a tough advanced movement for those who put them into their training.


replied to comment from Jeff Tucker

Hey Jeff,

Do you have any idea when your book is going to be coming out? I can't wait to get my hands on it. Great Video!


wrote …

Can't wait to learn this!

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