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Winning the Open: Part 2 by Dan Bailey - CrossFit Journal

Winning the Open: Part 2

By Dan Bailey

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May 18, 2011

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Dan Bailey finished first overall in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open, edging out Josh Bridges by just one point. Watch the story of his success and how he confronted Workout 11.6 three times in just two days in hopes of securing the win.

In Part 1 of the series, Bailey attempted 11.6 for the first time on Saturday and ended up with a score of 139 reps. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to earn him first place in the Open, so he was forced to retry the workout on Sunday.

In Part 2, Bailey gives 11.6 another go.

No stranger to hard work, the former collegiate track star knows being an elite CrossFitter demands commitment.

“I knew how much work it was going to take,” he says. “I knew how much work it took for me to be good at track to get a scholarship, and it’s like it’s not going to take anything less than that to be good here in CrossFit.”

After another grueling attempt at workout 11.6, Bailey earns 144 reps. But that still isn’t enough to top the leaderboard. With only hours remaining before the deadline, he prepares himself for a final Sunday-evening attempt to claim the top spot.

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5 Comments on “Winning the Open: Part 2”


wrote …

How can anyone not like Dan. This guy is freaking good at exercising fast, scary good, make the guys at the round table switch thier answer on who they fear in Crossfit fast at exercising! He carries himself with confidence, but down plays his accomplishments and never trys to pump himself up or make an excuse. He's an awesome guy to be around, and awe inspiring to watch. I'm glad he's going to be training with us at more and more leading up to the regionals and hopefully the games! Good stuff Dan!


wrote …

Good work Dan. Your an inspiration to watch!
I've heard those New Balance minimus shoes are good from several people. Supposedly better than many alternatives. I'm thinking about trying them out.


wrote …

GOOD LUCK AT REGIONALS DAN!! You are truly an inspiration! God Bless You on your Journey!


wrote …



wrote …

Anyone else notice Dan gets shorted 3 reps on his last set of thrusters and he only needed 3 extra reps to be in the "safe zone?"

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