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Beyond the CrossFit Games: Part 1 by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

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May 02, 2011

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Emily Beers explains why human beings are more interesting than elite athletes.

I am sprawled on the floor holding my right leg.

“Are you OK? Is there anything we can do?” ask a handful of people who have suddenly crowded around me.

“Yes, can you Google ‘Achilles ruptures’ for me? Find out what the surgery is like and how long the rehab is,” I say.

“Relax, Em. You don’t know what you’ve done yet. It might not be anything serious,” a friend says to me.

I hope he is right, but I know what I’ve done. The unmistakable pop. The squishy tendon. I know I have ruptured my Achilles. I know I am done for the season.

I feel like my world has just crumbled beneath me.

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9 Comments on “Beyond the CrossFit Games: Part 1”


Adam Kayce wrote …

Awesome article. As someone who's also had a fair share of injuries, I really appreciate the honesty, perspective, and lessons shared here.

Besides, I always appreciate it when a piece of writing makes me cry a little, and this one did it to me twice. Thanks, Emily - godspeed in your recovery, and I'm looking forward to your next Journal contribution (just like I've enjoyed the past ones, too).


wrote …

your article says really one thing about you that no workout can give


Thanks from a fan in Israel


wrote …

i agree! this is what crossfit is ALL about. i get really pissed when the coaches are only interested in the big guys who life the most weight, get the PRs and compete in the Games.


wrote …

It seems that a lot of athletes blew out an Achilles tendon doing games WOD #2 due to the high rep box jumps. After straining my Achilles, I am switching to step downs on my box jumps going forward.


wrote …

Developing the courage to overcome adversity is a great message... but it probably would have been an even greater service to the community if this article had been a warning against jumping down off the box and then jumping right back up onto it. These two athletes -- and many others -- would have been spared this setback, had they been encouraged to perform box jumps differently.


wrote …

Sorry, I feel for you and hope it isn't to bad for you. Heal up and go kill it.


wrote …

Great article. I had the same thing happen with a back injury. It is funny how your focus changes but it is still focus.


wrote …

Why did the achilles rupture take place?
Was it because they didn't warm up appropriately?
What are ways to avoid and or prevent this injury?

All in all, it's an inspiring article and I feel for these athletes.


wrote …

Great article. very inspirational. Everything is about overcoming adversity.

Pity my kids won't be able to read it though.

Why does the CrossFit Community insist on using the "F Bomb" as every day language, especially in articles and videos that are meant for public consumption?

Not a prude, just believe there's a time and place.

Apart from that, thanks Em for sharing your story

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