City of Broad Shoulders

By Ben Hollingshaus

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May 30, 2011

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CrossFit field reporter Ben Hollingshaus recently traveled to the “City of Broad Shoulders” to find CrossFit Chicago. He interviews the members and takes a tour with Rudy Tapalla, owner of CrossFit Chicago.

One of the members says CrossFit was intimidating at first, but the program has won her and her son over.

“It makes you walk taller. Your mind is strong, your body’s strong, and that just is the whole package,” she says.

“This has been the most welcoming experience,” says another member. “I’ve learned so much about myself.”

CrossFit Chicago makes a point to welcome its new members with a photo board.

“We’re very strong on community here, so we like everyone to get to know each other’s name, face, and we have a big thing about not having strangers in here,” Tapalla says.

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Additional video: Update on the Open: Week 5.

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12 Comments on “City of Broad Shoulders”


wrote …

Rudy is the man!!!!!


wrote …

I have to agree, Rudy's gym was my first Crossfit Gym, and I loved it, would still be there if I didnt have to move for work.


wrote …

Great vid Rudy and CF Chicago! Love to hear the Chi-town accent!


wrote …

Excellent portrayal of the spirit of Crossfit Chicago and of the mindset developed by those who love crossfit!


wrote …

Man! That makes me homesick!! Way to go Rudy and CFC!


wrote …

What is the name of the song?


replied to comment from Drasko Markovic

Drasko, Sorry don't have a clue.


replied to comment from Matthew Arnold

It was good catching you in for Regionals. I'll catch you possibly at the Coaches Prep Course in Chicago.


replied to comment from Jason Carpenter

Lain! How's Sunny San Diego! Shoot me an email and let me know what's up.


replied to comment from MATT CHAN

Matt, You and Cherie have to make it up next time you are visiting!


replied to comment from Virginia Emerson

Ginny we'll see you soon!


replied to comment from Benjamin Smith

Ben, We'd love to have you here in Chicago but thank you for your service! Semper Fi!

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