CrossFit Kids Angry Birds

By CrossFit Kids

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May 31, 2011

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Who says video games create sedentary kids?

You’ve played the game when you were supposed to be working, and now your kids can play a version of Angry Birds that will keep them fit and happy.

It’s simple: you use the birds to destroy the pig hideout.

And you do burpees.



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wrote …

My son is only 4 but knows all about "cranky birds". He went crazy upon see the picture and wants to play this next time we go to kids crossfit. What a great idea to pull kids into being active.


wrote …

This idea is so brilliant. I think we might do an adult version at our box! :D


wrote …

This is brilliant - going to try this with my kids at home. Unfortunately there isn't a CrossFit Kids affiliate nearby - I'd love to see more ideas like this - thx!


wrote …

Awesome. The only thing better than ingenuity is shared ingenuity.


wrote …

Looks like so much FUN, can't wait ot use it with my CrossFit Kids!!!


wrote …

Love this idea and can't wait to try it with my CF Kids! Thanks for the pic along with the description.

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