CrossFit Radio Episode 170

By Justin Judkins

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May 04, 2011

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On Episode 170 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed the second-fittest female in the world, Annie Thorisdottir, as well as CrossFit HQ’s Tony Budding. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

6:25 Annie Thorisdottir, also known as “Iceland Annie,” came on the show to talk about her performance in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open. She explained the strategy behind waiting until the last moment to post her scores and described what it was like to fight with Kristan Clever for that top spot. Annie also explained how she benefited from spending a week with Olympic-lifting expert Mike Burgener. Looking ahead, Annie outlined what her training will look like between now and the CrossFit Games. Finally, she talked about her diet and her favorite breakfast, which is something you’ve probably never heard of.

34:05 Tony Budding is the CrossFit Director of Media. Now that the Reebok CrossFit Games Open is over, he talked about the biggest lessons HQ learned from the six-week competition. Tony described how the competition validates the findings from the 2010 CrossFit Games and explained what will happen next in the regional competitions. With events going on all over the world, Tony described how the CrossFit community can keep up to date on the action at all 17 regionals.

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7 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 170”


wrote …

JJ! Awesome job. Really, really enjoying the content of the radio shows.

I am new to crossfit (6 weeks). I have been religiously making my way through the entire archive of Crossfit Radio, and am now somewhere in early fall 2010. :) You can add me to your list of 18 loyal listners. :)

One area that I was hoping you might cover in a future show is that of flexibility. The topic of mobility wods in general has come up in past show (and I am familiar with, but what I was hoping to hear about are some creative ways to significantly improve flexibility for new (or long time) crossfiters. Specifically, I have some issues with hamstring/low back as it applies to many of the squat moves in crossfit, and wrist and/or shoulder flexibility as it applies to bar position in front squats (I cannot come remotely close to keeping the bar on my chest and my elbows up/out). Are there any helpful techniques out there in the crossfit world that would help a 44 yr old new crossfiter who cannot touch his toes?

Keep up the great work,

Steve Walker
(CrossFit Modesto member, Modesto, CA, USA)


wrote …

Thanks for listening to the show. I am excited you have found CrossFit. is the best resource that I have found to address your flexibility issues. I had Kelly on Episode 148 to talk about his project but didn't specifically ask about the issues you describe. I'll get to work on your request on more flexibility segments on the show.


wrote …

I attended Kelly's Mobility Cert last year. He asked if anyone in the audience had tight hamstrings. A guy raised his hand and came up and laid on his back on Kelly's table. Kelly lifted the guys leg up gradually and at about 45 degrees you could see the guys pelvis starting to round signifying that the hamstrings were tight. Next Kelly instructed the guy to slightly tighten his buttock, contract his abdominals, flatten his low back some toward the table and breathe while holding that position (what Kelly referes to as "The position"). Kelly again lifted the guys leg and it came up beyond 90 degrees without lifting the pelvis. Truly amazing. Kelly's explanation was that the nervous system was protecting the nerves from being strained by keeping the hamstrings tight. Once the midline was organized, it was "safe" for the nervous system to allow the leg to stretch up higher wihout strain to the low back nerves. Keep watching the mobility wod's. Your answer is most likely in there somewhere.


I sent a copy of your recent journal video featuring your wrestling team and a foundations article to our local HS wrestling coach. I am waiting to hear back. Our box is right next to the high school and I am an old HS wrestler. I hope to attract some wrestlers for summer training.


wrote …

Who is Kelly?


wrote …

Kelly Starrett. Owner of San Francisco CrossFit and the guy you see on the MWOD.


wrote …

On the topic of Annie T's strategy, of waiting until the last minute before posting her results, why doesn't HQ embrace this approach for the Open next year? You could allow the competitors post their results whenever it suits, but simply wait until after the cut-off before releasing the scores. The downside is that leaderboard addicts would not be able to watch the rankings evolve through the week, but the upside would be a fairer competition in which all competitors have no choice but to put their best foot forward every time.


wrote …

Great show, great to listen to different perspectives from different athletes. Is anyone else interested in Iceland Annie's scrambled eggs and oatmeal recipe? It's not the first thing I think of when I think of breakfast, but it sounds like something worth trying!

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