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“I Am Not Breast Cancer” by Liz Anderson - CrossFit Journal

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May 14, 2011

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“I am not breast cancer,” says Liz Anderson, co-owner of CrossFit Blaze in Naples, Fla. She has been battling breast cancer for two years, and CrossFit has helped her find the strength to fight.

Anderson says she has been through multiple treatments, chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries.

“I actually did CrossFit during chemotherapy,” she says. “The energy level goes way down when you’re going through something like that. So it helped me to keep my energy up and helped me to feel more positive about a situation that was obviously, you know, scary—very scary.”

She continues: “There is a parallel with CrossFit and going through breast-cancer treatment.”

Through her experience, she found the mental fortitude required to get through treatment and testing is similar to the mental fortitude CrossFit demands for that next pull-up or lift.

Although she is still on her road to recovery, Anderson is excited to pursue her CrossFit goals.

“I will be doing a pull-up,” Anderson says. “I’m determined.”

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Additional reading: Lifting to Save a Pair by Robert Wilson, published Sept. 27, 2010.

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8 Comments on ““I Am Not Breast Cancer””


wrote …

You are awesome, Liz. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


wrote …

Liz you are truly and amazing and awesome Cancer Survivor and human being! Thank you for sharing you story.


wrote …

Inspiring story Liz! Your awesome attitude is your best weapon.
Your smile says it all.


wrote …


Your indomitable will power and positive mental attitude is an inspiration to all.

May God bless you and your family.

George Ryan


wrote …

What a beautiful and inspiring woman. Thanks for sharing your life with the CF community.


wrote …

Mama Blaze in the House ! Thank you so much for everything everybody. She really loves the cause and loves spreading the word.

Love ya Mama


wrote …

So many varieties of CrossFit hero! Thank you for your story Liz! Paul


wrote …

A true inspiration to all.

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