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CrossFit at 63 by Jean Tordella - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit at 63

By Jean Tordella

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May 05, 2011

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Few 63-year-olds are braver than Jean Tordella.

When she showed up at CrossFit South Bay for an on-ramp class, she was filed in among athletes and kids who were far younger. Further, Tordella came to the gym with myriad previous injuries that limited her mobility—but no amount of previous pain would slow her down as she worked her way into fitness.

Tordella, who still holds down a full-time job, is now one of the many people gracing South Bay’s morning classes multiple times a week. She’s a force, and she’s motivated by the opportunity to get better, stronger and faster each day.

5min 41sec

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17 Comments on “CrossFit at 63”


Chris Worden wrote …

It was great to work with you on this video, Jean. You're an amazing person, an inspiration and I hope we get to hang out again very soon.


wrote …

Jean you are an inspiration! A role model to anybody who wants to give crossfit a go, you are proof that age is not a factor! To not let anything get in the way!! That any body can do it if they set there mind to it!!.. You go girl!!..Keep up the great work!!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Jean you rock!


wrote …

You are what it's all about Jean. Congrats


wrote …

Great video. Awesome message. This video should be a PUBLIC video not a premium video so it can be shared.

Get the message out there, Crossfit IS scaleable and available to ALL!!!

Please consider making this video viewable to the public, i.e., not a premium video.



wrote …

What an awesome woman! Love inspirational people like her! and she's a hottie!!!


wrote …

great video! I love the end when she starts talking about facebook. Too cute and funny! Great work Jean!


wrote …

People like this are a coach's best reward. Love your work, Jean. Love your attitude.


wrote …

Great stuff!!! Is she looking to adopt a Grandson?


wrote …

Yeah, I have to agree. I'm trying to get my parents into this and I'd love it if this video was public so they could view it.

Jean, you're doing all the right things. Thank you for helping to break the stereotypes of our 'aging' population. 'Old' is when you finally give up on trying to live to the fullest. Keep it up, we're all rooting for you. :)


wrote …

Totally incredible! Great Job Jean. I want to get my parents into this. The do workout and want to do more but are apprehensive to try Crossfit. This is the perfect video for me to show them...Thanks!


wrote …

Love it! Jean, you are awesome!


wrote …

Good work Jean. At 61 with 4 years at Crossfit Edmonton I know what you say to be true.


wrote …

YOU are AWESOME!! Way to rock it!! I agree with some of the previous posters that this should be a public video. What a great message to send to our "seniors"!
Great video!!


wrote …

Inspiration!!!!! in the purest form :)


wrote …

I also instantly wanted to share this with a dozen people. I wish so bad this was public.


wrote …

Good for you! Your an inspiration! Keep up the good work.

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