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May 23, 2011

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Sevan Matossian recently toured Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, Mass., to meet the new members of the CrossFit community. One of the executives is Chris Gallo, director of performance apparel, who shows off the breadth of Reebok’s commitment to sports with the company’s multiple courts, tracks, fields and exercise facilities, including Reebok CrossFit One.

Gallo says he is impressed with CrossFitters as multifaceted athletes.

“They do everything,” he says. “They’re just great athletes.”

And Reebok employees are becoming great athletes, just like other CrossFitters around the world.

“I’m a CrossFitter,” says Chris Froio, the VP/head of Reebok fitness and training. “It became very obvious to me very quickly that CrossFit was exactly what I needed.”

In just six months, Froio has seen benefits to his health and fitness and is back to his college weight.

According to Bill Holmes, the VP/head of Reebok human resources, CrossFit is changing Reebok’s culture.

“I think what’s been amazing for us here at Reebok is that it’s really been a huge energizer for our organization, and it’s really been something that employees have rallied around in a big way.”

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54 Comments on “Reebok: Building a CrossFit Community”


wrote …

Making some good noises! I've opened my mind to the situation a lot more now and the things being said concur with what I've heard from a crossfitter I know is heaviliy involved with the Reebok partnership! Onwards and upwards!!


wrote …

What I want to know is, when is the Reebok Crossfit Gear coming out? I have been seeing the Reebok lifting shoes on some of the top athletes in the vid's and I have been holding off buying some until they come out. Anyone from Reebok able to give us some info?


replied to comment from Mark Bellefleur

Ive been wondering the same thing! Im excited about the Reebok stuff and cant wait to get some of it.


wrote …

Wow, selling overpriced designer crap all over the world sure does buy a lot of toys!


wrote …

I am interested in seeing the Reebok Olympic weightlifting shoes as well. Any known links or prices?

Nice one, Joseph!


wrote …

Love IT!!! Especially the Boston accents with the New York Ranger sweaters in the background.


wrote …

This entire video makes me want to slam my head repeatedly into my keyboard.

1) Clearly, there's almost no enthusiasm here- take a good look at the faces of the folks talking- they're either reading off-screen notes and talking points, or else talking in generic catch-all terms. There's ZERO excitement; hardly what you'd expect from folks imbibing the kool-aid as heavily as they claim.

2) I find it interesting that this appears the same day that Warkentin releases an article criticizing Globo-Gym stuff, while one of the first things said in this video is that Reebok has a machine-based gym, a spin room, etc etc. And, they make E-Z-tone shoes and clothes. And Ree-Zig, and those goofy flex-shoes they're hocking. Hell, they ARE Globo-Gym. There's nothing wrong with that- its where they make their cash- but this whole video rings hollow to anyone with a brain; Its a bunch of Reebok folks repeating points on a screen they learned at a PR seminar.

3) The bit about trying to change the culture so that instead of a dinner or a round of Golf, what better way to introduce their retailers to Crossfit was to have them do a WOD. What utter garbage: THIS is Ken Hicks, the CEO of footlocker alluded to in the video:

What about that guy says "Lets Get Sweaty!!!"? How many other CEOs or top executives do you think have any interest in anything to do with this other than "Will it sell?".

Stop laying it on so thick- you're just being ridiculous.

4) What's with all the buzz words? It reads like an infomercial for how hip and cool and into Crossfit Reebok is; I'd be much more convinced if they just said what some of the folks glazed over: We're Reebok; We sell products that make us money. Crossfit is hot right now, so we bought into the brand, and we're going to sell an assload of merch, and make everyone involved some cash.

That, at least, I can get behind; It's honest, and its business. This just makes it look like Reebok thinks the community is a bunch of sheep who'll blindly follow whatever "Crossfit-approved" crap is placed in front of them.......


wrote …

The success of Crossfit is due to its dedicated community. It seems that the Reebok management understands that very well. Without that important foundation it would be just another fitness fad.

At this point in this relationship it is unwarranted to criticize their efforts since they have done nothing but show interest in our sport of fitness. This is a good thing that our community should encourage and not just with Reebok.


wrote …

Wow!! That whole thing was just nauseating...Sure, throw lot's of cash at the games, make a bunch of T-shirts with "cool" CrossFit logo's on them but please, don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!


wrote …

For argument's sake, let's assume that they are simply jumping on a hot trend. How does this hurt us? Like many of us, I work out at my local affiliate. Our owner is a two job guy who is working his butt off to get his box going and attracting more people. If Reebok starts running CrossFit themed prime-time ads on TV or full page ads in newstand magazines, that increases attention and potential membership. Economically that supports him and his family; PLUS, it allows him to buy more equipment. That's where we all benefit. From a community perspective, I took the cert staff seriously when they said to "go out and teach these things". I want to live in a world where fitness is trendy and popular; where my kid's 1st Grade teacher can do an airsquat "ass to grass". Let's not be elitist and protective. Some time ago (only a year for me) we were all in globo-gyms doing curls or in line at Sbarro for a slice and a diet coke. Somehow we found this. I think it's great that Reebok is on board. Heck, the fittest among us are gonna get quite a pay day this summer because of Reebok. If you don't like their products, fine, don't buy them. But hell, I'll take the publicity.


Ben O'Grady wrote …

I work for a big company (non sports related) and there's nothing like this that unites hundreds of our employees. Certainly nothing that gets the majority of the company into the gym and busting their asses. I'm sold and I don't even need to see the product. If this gets the word out about our great sport, it's only a good thing.


wrote …

Some of you guys are extremely mad because you don't work on the Reebok Crossfit team.


wrote …

I think of it this way, people should support the companies that choose to support their sport of choice. Reebok has chosen to support CrossFit in a HUGE way. Their support will make CrossFit even bigger and better than it is now. As such, CrossFitters should consider their products and if they are good buy them.


wrote …

some of these comments are awesome


wrote …

I really enjoyed the piece. I am new to crosfit, so they were basically verbalizing what I am the spirit, the workouts, the intensity. Awesome job!


wrote …

Watch out boys and girls a crowd of "Steves" are coming to an affilate near you.Thanks for striking fear into the hearts of all the old timers with your prophetic statement Steve....and welcome


wrote …

Good arguments on both sides. I'm one for the "little guy"...Reebok is not him. Hell, at least it's not Nike...that could start a trend of "Suicide by Fran".


wrote …

I own a small business and I enjoy Crossfit because it is or was a small business. I like the "off the beaten path" type culture it is. When big corporations get involved greed changes everything. They have to produce big profits in order to sustain or justify their existence.

However, I think that each individual box will still keep its own personality because that is based off of the actual owners and their philosophy. I just hope that Reebok doesnt start opening up so many nice gyms that it takes away from the "mom and pop" Crossfit's who started from their garages.


replied to comment from Jason Ashman

Well Said Jason...
Money Ruins everything. If Reebok stays as just a sponsor and wants to sell cheap stuff to people that don't know what good apparel is then by all means go for it. Maybe it will help make the games better, and get the word out more about CrossFit. But I am a little scared when I hear them talking about opening up boxes in "Key Market" areas... what happened to the one person, one box rule? That doesn't apply if you are reebok? CrossFit HQ needs to stand behind their affiliates and make sure this doesn't negatively effect them.


wrote …

These comments are absolutely hilarious...

I can't believe a company would invest so much money to build a box to keep their employees healthy and fit and help them understand their market, how ridiculous.

Big business changes everything, this is bad for crossfit says the guy who is "googling" or using YouTube on their Apple IPhone.

If a year down the road, a friend or family member asks you about Crossfit because they saw a Reebok billboard or commercial are you going to ignore them because they listened to the big bad company or are you going to tell them about Crossfit and how it redefined your concept of fitness and health?

As long as Crossfit HQ allows independent ownership and operation of affiliates, then Crossfit will stay as it is. I dont take Greg Glassman as an idiot and I dont see him giving away something he is so passionate about to some idiots. But don't for a moment think he is not a capitalist and wants to grow a great idea and make some money in the meantime.


wrote …

First, some of the crossfitters need to get off this high horse that they ride into their little local affiliate and tote the underground fitness line that Reebok is going to corrupt the subculture that is crossfit. They seem to forget that their bag is filled with inov-8's, Rogue lifting shoes, vibrams, skins, Paleo kits etc., etc...

Second, it is no different then Again Faster and Rogue benefitting from an affiliation to crossfit not vice versa. If anything Crossfit doesn't benefit positively (besides financially obviously) because the current of negative undertone within the community seems to have a greater pull than the net gain of $ and publicity. If you argue that they are just in it for the money than why is Reebok the one changing and not Crossfit?

Third, as a consumer we ultimately carry the burden of responsibility in becoming educated and informed when making purchasing decisions. We have the final choice to do the workouts and to buy the products that they are pushing. There is no arm twisting going on. If you want to train in your garage with chuck taylors and taped up basketballs as your med balls that is your perogative. You can even call yourself old school fitness and make a buck if you so choose to.

Fourth, I think that their complex is cool and that if more corporations followed their lead of offering numerous options for their employees to stay healthy we would see production increase and health care decrease across the boards. I know Microsoft has a turf field above an underground parking complex that is used by their employees for soccer, flag football, and other sport leagues. Also if you look at the top ranked places to work they always include fitness complexes, child care, on site amenities because they see the benefit in having a productive, healthy, happy work force.

Fifth, that Red Wings zip up in the background is sweet.


replied to comment from Tim Heffington

Last paragraph is great, well said.


wrote …

Are you guys Hiring? haha ...

Seriously sounds like a great place to work


wrote …

I can't believe the negativity to this video. I just can't believe it. You people who are talking smack better be some bad ass Crossfitters. With those attitudes, you better bring it.


wrote …

I don't get the negativity either. What could Reebok possibly say that would convince you? If I'm understanding the complaints correctly, Reebok is *inherently evil* because they exist to make a profit.

News flash - if Coach Glassman had not made a profit nearly from the beginning there would not be CrossFit! CrossFit is a business. No profit, no CrossFit.

Time will tell if this ends up "working" or not. Calm down, folks. If you trust in CF (the program, not the people) then things will work out. If you don't, what are you complaining about?


wrote …

All for it! More PR, more stuff, more boxes and more Crossfitters!
Reebok: come to Europe, well be happy with anything you can bring us!


wrote …

I agree with Mark, I'd love to work for a company that has a basketball gym, tournaments in a variety of sports, AND it's own CrossFit Box!! That sounds like an awesome place to work!


Dale Saran wrote …

If Greg Glassman cured cancer tomorrow and shared it with the world, Jason Ashman would be on here saying what a piece of cr@p Coach is for doing it and how it was all about trying to make a buck.

I don't have any "inside" info on Reebok - and yes, I'm one of CF HQ's lawyers. That I don't ought to tell you what you need to know. Reebok isn't secretly guiding CF's business decisions - for Eric Fasciani above - they don't get to have more than one box. Every box will be individually licensed to a CF Level I trainer; same as anyone else. Like we say to every other prospective affiliate who applies - what business relationship you have outside of that is your decision. I'm not going to repeat what I've already written about the (erroneous) notion of Reebok as a threat to Affils - Google the SicFit article written by my friend Kevin Cherrick and my response.

If you don't like Reebok's gear, you don't have to buy it. Just like it if you don't like Progenex, or Under Armour, or Panda Express, or Budweiser, or Paleokits, or Life As Rx'd, or Gatorade, or Rogue, etc... (all previous sponsors of the Games), you don't have to buy their stuff. You can decide where you want to spend your discretionary dollars.

But there can't be any doubt in anyone's mind for a minute that Reebok's agreement to a long-term commitment to the Games is a very good thing for Affiliates and the community as a whole. For those who want to remain "underground" or whatever other term you're substituting for "elitist" and "segregated", we wouldn't have some of the great people we have now if that had been the predominant attitude. In fact, YOU wouldn't know about CF because it would have remained hidden in a small gym in Santa Cruz and only Annie, Eva T, Greg A., Tony B., and some of the other OC'ers would ever have known about it.

And of course money ruins everything. Because I'm much more morally decrepit now that I make a good living than I was when I was on welfare as a kid, or broke as a college student, but at least then I was pure of heart and mind and ethically unspoiled.


wrote …

While it is no surprise that a corporation, particularly one tied to fitness, would jump on the latest and greatest. I personally find it refreshing that an organization the size of Reebok would promote, and make available, CrossFit to their employees. Other videos showing Reebok's interest and participation in CrossFit show clearly that it is not just superficial. The employees interviewed get it and love it. If their initial interest was strictly financially motivated, they have now discovered the motivation that the majority of CrossFitters share. We try something completely different, find great friendships and support with those we do it with, and see wonderful changes in our overall fitness and mental wellbeing. The size of their classes and the growth in participation shows how powerful the CF concept and program really is. Even the "satanic" corporate entity can be converted, and in doing so a greater population worldwide will soon join in.


wrote …

Some of you need to loosen your board shorts.

CrossFit isn't your precious little ring you get to stare at and pet and hide from those deemed not worthy.


wrote …

Wow Dale, you must be a litigator with your sense for using language to demean and belittle people with legitimate concerns, or at least observations about this corporate promotion posing as an item in a paid journal that we all subscribe to.

To quote your words - "For those who want to remain "underground" or whatever other term you're substituting for "elitist" and "segregated"".

- Nice choice of words to denigrate many of crossfits most long term and fervent supporters - excellent! You have immediately compared them (or us) to snobs ("elitist") and rascists ("segregated") - nice job.

How about for many commenters here and crossfit supporters (or "believers") in general - "underground" means "real" and "authentic" and "committed" as opposed "fake" and "trendy" - words more likely to be associated with a "corporate sponsor" like Reebok.

Can you understand why the sudden incorporation of Reebok, a company synonymous with "fake", "trendy" and "sell anything for a buck" as it's core corporate mantra, including designing and selling a lot of ridiculous overpriced shoe designs and other "athletic wear" that have been railed at by many crossfit HQ staff and during many paid crossfit certification seminars would give people pause? The same people that were encouraged by the progenitors of crossfit that CF was all about the work, and not what you wore, what equipment you used, where you worked out or how you looked doing it?

Is there any way in the world that Pukie becomes the "unofficial" mascot of Reebok? I don't think so - I guess Pukie will remain the property of the underground elitists and segregationists where we will worship him in our "top 1% limited, exclusive" sessions. Please.

Can you not understand the concerns of individual affiliates who have put blood, sweat and treasure into their dream of running a CF box and now feel threatened by a large corporate entity like Reebok who may, like any large corporation, turn on a dime and abandon all this support when they find the ROI on their marketing spend isn't what they had in mind?

Show a little compassion both for the long term supporters of CF and you hardworking affiliates - it might go a long way if you and crossfit HQ find yourselves in the position of having to rebuild CF after Reebok bails and you find yourselves needed all of us, just like you needed us before this CF thing got where it is today.


wrote …

This is only a small comment and I am open minded to Reeboks investment in CF. However, I will say this about my first experience with Reebok.

I previously enjoyed purchasing CF t-shirts via the online store. I did this as I was very impressed by the durability and quality of the US made garments. Even the hoodies I purchased were excellent. I also made this investment because my own country (Australia) sadly makes none of it's own T-Shirts instead choosing to import poor quality chinese made garments that last only a few months.
I recently again purchased via the online store for a gift for a friend - two CF reebok shirts. On the opening of my parcel I was very disappointed with the quality and refused to give them to my friend. The fabric had completed changed from my last purchase. It came as no surprise that these t-shirts were made in 'el-salvador'.

I hope Reebok are the real deal but, I will choose not be purchase again via the online store again.


replied to comment from Joseph Agliozzo

Joseph, you speak of the "concerns of individual affiliates." Do you run an affiliate? Because I do, and I have real difficulty finding anything wrong with the Reebok/CF arrangement. With everything I've seen from Reebok, they seem pretty genuine. I can understand trepidation, and I'm also reserving final judgment until I see how this develops, but to still have such a negative, prejudiced attitude about the situation at this point requires far more than intelligent skepticism. Drop the hardened cynicism and let's at least give these guys a fair chance.

I also don't think that Dale was being particularly condescending, and it's unfair to attack him for his profession (all lawyer jokes aside).

Remember, if we were all this closed-minded about CrossFit in general we wouldn't even be here.


Joseph - Boy, are you angry. I didn't demean anyone. I simply replied to the charges levelled against this piece and CF's partnership with Reebok. I did it sarcastically, yes; try not to get yourself too butt-hurt about it. Let's try this, since you didn't respond to any one of the substantive claims I made, let me break it down and you can reply by letter.

A - CF partnered with Reebok as the title sponsor for the CF Games. They were not the first apparel or shoe company that we had discussion with. They agreed to pony up somewhere north of $100 million over 10 years for marketing of the Games and underwriting some of HQ's initiatives for the AFFILIATES. That seems to me to be a very good thing - for both CF athletes (some of whom are now sponsored), CF boxes (who will reap the benefits of the initiatives we are working on), and the CF movement worldwide. (Please refute if you feel like it. And sorry we didn't consult you first. We were busy.)

B - CF is a FREE website. That's how "profit conscious" Greg Glassman is. He started a website that has zero advertising on it and gave away everything. All the knowledge about his "secret" program for, uh, nothing. Well, $25 a year if you count the Journal. What a capitalist pig that guy is. And I'm sure the server space, bandwidth, people who write the articles, produce the content, I'm sure they all work for free - or is covered by the $25 a month. (rolling eyes). (Please feel free to say that Reebok's deal made Greg personally, or any of CF HQ, gloriously rich. I have the one signed copy of the Reebok deal in my file cabinet. It has yet to print any extra benjamins for me).

C - Speaking of free - again, as in my first comment - you and Jay and everyone else only knows about CF because Greg decided to make it (a) public, and (b) free. Please refute and explain again how you - or this mass of people for whom you see yourself as a spokesperson - has a right to determine in which direction this company should go? I'm confused about that sense of ownership you have. To the extent we're a "community", everyone is entitled to their opinion and you would be surprised at how much "play" comments from the community gets in HQ meetings. The guy behind the curtain ("The Great Oz!") hears and consults a lot of people in this community as he steers the ship - but I'm just as entitled to air my opinion as Jay is to his vitriol (or you are to yours). Why is it from your view only the dissent is deserving of the courtesy that you decry me for lacking? Why not the same criticism for the dissenters on here? Or your own post's lack of civility? Pot - kettle?

D - CF offered affiliation initially for $500 a year. Even now, at $3000/yr - when I was in a lawsuit against CF - one of the other attorneys was like "how much is the license fee?" When I told him he said - "But how do you guys actually make money?" You talk about how CF "needs" you and the hardworking affiliates, as if the things CF has done haven't been with an eye toward helping affiliates. Ask anyone who has been to an affiliate gathering about Coach's generosity. Ask any of the military or non-profit affiliates or just about anyone of the 2600 affiliates whom I serve on a daily basis how hard we work for them by going after trademark infringers, defending BS lawsuits, helping out affils in getting their boxes up and running, working with the SMEs to bring more offerings to the community, helping with the day-to-day chores of contracts and such for the journal, and that's just the Legal Guys. how about the qualityb of offerings by the Journal? The work Tony, Dave, the cert crew, Nicole did in getting the certs accredited, and on and on...

E - I'm sorry - your complaint is what again? That CF got a big company that you don't like to fund the annual Games and raise CrossFit's profile worldwide? Don't buy their stuff then. Just like you don't have to buy Rogue's gear, or Dynamax balls, or Garage Gym's gear, or Sorinex's stuff, etc... or anybody else's stuff you don't like. You know that Sorinex, and York, and Under Armour, all make some of the same stuff you don't like, right? And they've been sponsors, too. Where was your vitriol then? Why wasn't the sky falling when we were "authentic" (at the Ranch) but had Gatorade and that Panda Express chinese food as sponsors?

Joseph - you just come off as a guy who will be angry no matter what we try to do, and no matter how good it is for the Affiliates. When that reason for being angry fails (and it does), you'll find another one. Like that CF's lawyer isn't polite enough. And that's one that isn't going to be solved until the Boss cans me (Insha'allah, not in this lifetime...) Try not to take yourself so seriously, I don't. ;-)


wrote …

Dale if I'm the one that you see as "angry" you should take a look in the mirror and let us know how you would describe yourself and your tone as displayed in your comments.

I don't need to refute any of your "substantive" points because I could care less whether Reebok is CF's partner, whether there's a CF games, who sponsors it, whether Reebok opens CF boxes everywhere or whatever.

Where you got my attention was your completely uncalled for slam on anyone who ventures an opinion on the nature of a corporate entity like Reebok getting getting involved in with what started as (and was promoted by the founder as) a grass roots movement that actively disdained companies like Reebok and their products. If you don't think using terms like "elitist" and especially "segregated" are inflammatory and unnecessarily pejorative, you should have gone to a better law school.

I hope you're getting your hourly rate to come up with these taunts directed at customers who pay CF money, even if it's only for a Journal subscription - it may not be a lot of money to you, but nonetheless we are "customers" - fortunately for you, you don't work directly for Reebok (yet, anyway) or you would probably find yourself looking for a new client after putting this junk out there like you do.

Lastly Dale, in my experience people who say they don't take themselves seriously usually do.


replied to comment from Justin Thibault

No I don't run an affiliate - I was remarking on this comment in the thread

"But I am a little scared when I hear them talking about opening up boxes in "Key Market" areas... what happened to the one person, one box rule? That doesn't apply if you are reebok? CrossFit HQ needs to stand behind their affiliates and make sure this doesn't negatively effect them. "


Joseph - Thanks for proving my point for me. And I appreciate your substantive replies to my points. Or not. At least you can continue to say that I used the words "elitist" and "segregate" - you've got that going for you.

And for whom do you (again) think you speak? Who is the disenfranchised "us" - how many affiliate owners feel like you do that CF has jumped the shark because it has a sponsor whom (in your words) was among the kind of companies that CF "actively disdained?" When did this disdain occur?

CF has always been anti-globo-gym or "big box" franchises. I don't know that I recall in my 5+ years of CF'ing that CF publicly disdained - Nike - for example. Maybe they did, but it doesn't jump out in my memory. Or New Balance. Greg made some jokes about his visit to Under Armour - (they were a sponsor to the tune of about $75K I think at one point) - I don't recall if those are on video somewhere. I'm not sure that your vitriol is justified by this claim of "disdain" by CF.

I once heard Greg say at the 2008 Games (I was there competing Joseph, as a simple CF'er, before I ever worked for CF and when I was an affiliate owner) that he would take the KKK's money as a sponsor and let them have banners there if they paid their sponsorship. I'm not entirely sure if he was joking or not. I think his point was simply that sponsors for the Games - like Panda Express - do not mean "endorsement by CrossFit." You seem incapable of getting that. Or of even defending your own position - which is now that I used hurtful words and we should be nice to the people in our community who don't like Reebok (of which you believe by your $25 Journal investment you are entitled to express - untrammeled and unrebutted - your "disdain" for CF's choices in business partners).

I call BS and all you can say is "you used the words segregated and, and, and elitist. And you slammed people who don't like Reebok - when you guys previously didn't like companies that are kinda like Reebok." I'm not angry about that - I just believe in the Lockean notion of the "marketplace of ideas" and that means exposing false claims to the light of the truth. So far all you've replied with is ad hominem, without so much as addressing the value that this relationship brings to the affiliates. Try watching part 2 of Greg's explanation of the "purpose of CF" and the benefit of Fugue Sciences Group to affiliates.

And yes, I'm a very angry man over your words. They will keep me up tonight and raise my blood pressure just by reading them.


wrote …

Good lawyering, Dale.

You win by attrition because I have neither the time nor desire to debate you point by point and frankly I really don't care (but your affiliates and other business partners probably should).

I like Crossfit WOD's and the "substantive" information in the Journal.

You can keep the rest, including your stated CF corporate policy that "sponsorship doesn't equal endorsement" - that's a fantastic disclaimer and everyone should be made aware of that - I am sure the sponsors themselves will be thrilled!

Meanwhile, I'm going to do a WOD.


wrote …

Wow, reading this thread is like watching a nuclear meltdown.

But anyway, in my humble opinion... Reebok makes shitty products, and Nike makes wayy better running shoes. Yeah I said it! On the Journal no less! Sue me.

William Ortiz
Crossfit Riverdale


wrote …

One of the very first videos I ever watched in relation to CrossFit was coach Glassman talking about striving for excellence rather than profit. It really impressed me and had the ring of total truth to it. I have made it the baseline for my personal training business ever since. Somehow I don't imagine reebok working from the same model.

Tim Carr...I don't consider myself a "badass" CrossFitter in the slightest, but I do know bullshit when I see and hear it.

Dale Saran...I think you doth protest too much.


wrote …


It's not very effective to declare how busy you are while writing a novel on the comments. Although it was written in past tense, so maybe things are slow right now! Interesting that you have no inside info about the Reebok deal, but you have the only signed copy. Perhaps you forgot to read it because things were super busy? You also don't get to declare that you did or did not demean or belittle. Ditto for stating "there can be no doubt", when people are sharing their doubts. Glassman is on video saying that he doesn't peddle ideas, just presents them (like the Zone) because he believes them to be effective, but if the community were to inform him that it was actually ineffective - he would not likely continue to present it. (Since you're a lawyer and a dick, excuse me, a stickler for details, I must declare that this is not a direct quote, but more of the gist of the message from a video I only sort-of remember watching.) I'm still waiting for the evidence-base about Reebok ZigTechs actually being good for running. Maybe Fugue will figure it out!

I occasionally show compassion, so I am sorry you will be kept up at night over something so silly.


wrote …

I'm very interested in seeing what kind of CF-specific products Reebok comes up with. If I like them I'll buy them, but if not then I won't. Given a choice I'd rather support a company that supports CF, but only if the quality and functionality are there. So I hope they are taking seriously the advice and opinions of the top CF-er's that we've seen visiting their headquarters, as well as the observations of their own employees doing CF on-premises. This is a great opportunity for them and us; I hope they get it right!


wrote …

CrossFit is CrossFit whether you workout in a garage, an affiliate box, or get away with what you can in a globo-gym. It doesn't matter who sponsors it, your gear choice is yours to choose. If Reebok comes out with gear you like and works well for you buy it, if not don't. The main-site is free to pull workouts from, if you want to make your own the template has been provided. Deal with the change, it doesn't stop you from breathing fire.


wrote …

Dear Reebok,
Welcome to the community! It's pretty darn amazing, wouldn't you say? I enjoyed listening to your employees speak the language. Sounds like a pretty cool corporation to work for. I love the idea of changing the dynamics of a business meeting by doing a WOD together. Sweet.

I'm looking forward to some pretty cool and affordable CF gear. Nothing better than someone who CrossFits designing gear!

One concern...BIG concern....Your 'flagship gyms' that will be developed around where Reebok has offices? Will they be for employees only? Or the general public as well? I ask because, do you remember book stores? They were a pretty cool place to visit and chat with other book people and find out who loved what books. And then there was Border's and Barnes and Noble. It would be a shame to the box owners to be Barnes and Nobled out of business. So, please take a minute to think about how you will impact our community. I see a pretty cool relationship...but please tread carefully.


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Moto place to work!!


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One of my high school friends was in the Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. Man did he love Nirvana. Then everyone else started to love Nirvana too. Boy did he hate Nirvana after that. Bunch of sell outs.


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Nirvana never sold out... he just never loved Nirvana.


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Fame and big money didn't really work out too well for Kurt Cobain did it? Interesting to ponder how it may have all turned out had they not, "sold out."
Maybe the Nirvana example might shed just a little light on why some of us have concerns regarding reebok.


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I would just like to say, that I dont really care, Reebok just happens to be a "fitness" brand..Hell, If McDonalds wanted to buy in and bring CF to the world, that's awesome. Then people would be bitching about preservatives and morgan spurlock's bullshite documentary rather than reetones, reezigs or poor quality t shirts. My only concern is that they (CF) seems like they need to film some poop propaganda like this. I skipped around through thanks. I dont need to waste 25 whole minutes having Reebok peddled at me. However, if Mcdonald's was the sponsor and Graham Holmberg did the 09 games chipper dressed as Ronald McDonald, I would watch it the whole way through. Its really no different than seeing him wearing the Zigs.. My buddy was at an oly cert a while back and Josh Everett was all decked out in reebok gear. I think that's whack. Dont try to subliminally sell reebok to us, just take the money and put it to better use!


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LOL, is all I can say to that totally entertaining exchange between Dale and Joseph. I am an affiliate owner, so I'll take the opportunity to voice an opinion from the way I see it (not necessarily from any other affiliate's point of view, however).

I like CrossFit and I like that it started as grassroots. My husband and I were first exposed to it in 2003 when we lived on the CA central coast. Upon moving back to the Midwest, we decided to do our own CF thing in our garage, which quickly spiraled into becoming an affiliate, moving to a 'real' box space, then recently expanding again to an even bigger space. We owe all this to CrossFit and its efforts to expand its brand. Yes, we've marketed a little here and there and by and large, our business comes from referrals of either existing members or people who have heard about CrossFit.

Yes, they HEARD about CrossFit. What other opportunity could be great for our community than a large company (evil corporation? ;)) like Reebok promoting it by first implementing it in their own headquarters. Who cares if not everyone in the video looked genuinely excited to be there. If your boss told you 'Hey, smile and say this is awesome or you may not get that promotion later this year' wouldn't you do it too? (not saying that's actually what happened!). The point is, Reebok as a company has gotten behind the BRAND fullspeed. Everyone stands to make money, including Reebok, CFHQ and affiliates/trainers. I would be lying if I said that one of the reasons why I run an affiliate is not to make money. No, I like pouring my heart, soul, time and money into something for nothing in return. And if you don't think CrossFit is a brand, you're wrong. It has been from day one.

Someone made a comment about 'elitist' and 'real' CrossFitters not liking the corporate involvement. So what? I've known about CrossFit since 2003. That's going on 8 years now. Does that make me any more of a CrossFitter than you? No. Does it mean that I'm a 'real' CrossFitter because I do it at an edgy box with heavy metal playing in the background and people who 'get' CrossFit instead of at a corporate gym at work? Please. Lets be grown-ups and stop trying to decide who is more of a CrossFitter than anyone else. That's not what this community is about. Yes, I have seen some ridiculous things and people in this community crop up over the years. Yes, I see posers ALL the time. They're hilarious and generally spawn some pretty amusing YouTube videos and then their 15 minutes is over.

Bottom line, corporate support and sponsorship is inevitable. For every business to grow and thrive, it must make connections and diversify, as well as flex and mold to what the consumer wants. Ask any affiliate owner and I guarantee the majority will tell you that they don't make their money off the 1% 'real' elite CrossFitters that smash WODS in their boardshorts all day long. Their bread and butter is average Americans, with no other reason to be fit than just to look better and feel better. Reebok bridges that gap for us as affiliates by exposing our CrossFit brand to people that normally would not have heard about it.

I do definitely have some reservations about whether Reebok will allow others to use their 'flagship' boxes as they call them, but I'll wait to see how that plays out. If HQ says they have the interests of affiliates at heart, then I believe them. Look at how many certs are put on every weekend and how many of those are people getting a Level 1 cert. How of them go on to eventually open an affiliate? I guarantee HQ makes tons more money off them opening affiliates than they ever will letting Reebok have any control over the brand for promotion purposes and I know that HQ knows that. I'd like to hear what anyone else (affiliate owners) think, since I've not heard much from that sector other than worrying about whether Reebok will now open CrossFit chains across the country and charge $30 a month.


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Well said Sarah, well Said.


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The potential impact is mind boggling. Incredible. Unreal. Can't wait to see how it unfolds!


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I was initially somewhat skeptical of the CF/Reebok relationship, but the more I see, the more I am warming to it. Is everyone in the video super-pumped about CrossFit? Maybe not, but CrossFit's not for everyone, and I would say the majority of Reebok employees in these videos seem pretty excited about it. It's still relatively new to most of them, and I think they hit the nail on the head when they talk about the improvements it brings to all aspects of their lives. Some of it probably still "talking points," but I think there's some genuine passion there, too.

At the North Central Regional a couple weeks ago, I had the chance to chat briefly with Hasselbeck and another guy from Reebok during the final women's heat of WOD 5. We were watching my fellow CFOer, Stacie Tovar, crush her time from the Games last year, and it was clear from the way they were talking about it that they were 100% bought in. These guys understand the physical, mental, and emotional demands of CrossFit - both for competitors and the average 'Fitters at the box or in the garage.

As for the gear, I can tell they're working HARD on this stuff. Qualifiers at the Regional level are being sent home with a good amount of swag - I haven't tried out all of it yet, but the t-shirt and the compression shorts they gave us are pretty money. No complaints about the shorts - they fit just a little better than Nike Pro shorts and, as an added bonus, don't become transparent when you bend over. The shirt is nice, too - I wish it were a little longer in the torso, but the material is great. The little pleats on the sleeves aren't really my style, but they do fit broader, more muscular shoulders really well, so they're growing on me. We're supposed to be getting the zero-rise shoes as well - I've only seen pictures, but I'm excited to at least give them a try and compare them to my beloved Minimus Trails. I don't know when they're planning to roll this stuff out in stores, but I have a feeling that when they do, it's going to be pretty good.

I 100% understand the reservations people are holding, and I don't intend for this post to "convert" anyone to being hardcore Reebok supporters - just sharing my experience with it so far. The more you know, the more you grow, and all that jazz. It's scary to watch something we love change like this, but I'm optimistic that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run. A little healthy skepticism isn't a bad thing, but keep an open mind and just enjoy the ride. It's coming whether you like it or not.

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