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May 09, 2011

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Leave your tights, weightlifting shoes and iPods at the door. In this camp, your name doesn’t go on the whiteboard. It goes on your plain white T-shirt.

This is SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp.

On the line to accept that challenge are CrossFitters including Mikko Salo, Kristan Clever, Rob Orlando, Tommy Hackenbruck, Caity Henniger, Jimi Letchford and Greg Amundson.

In Part 8, the athletes approach the final stretch. With no sleep for the last 26 hours, over 20 workouts completed and 24 hours remaining, the athletes must forge ahead as a team to finish. SEALFIT founder Mark Divine tells the athletes to help their own get through the remainder of camp.

“I’m not going to take any more quitters,” he says.

It’s all about teamwork to survive SEALFIT. According to Orlando, “When I was really struggling, my team didn’t abandon me. They got behind me.”

The Connecticut strongman says when he was able to get back on his feet, he returned the favor. Orlando says the camaraderie at Kokoro Camp reminds him of CrossFit.

“I think it’s very similar to CrossFit. You know that community in CrossFit is so tight, especially at the upper level. We’re all just friends with each other, you know, and we all cheer for each other when we’re doing workouts, and I think that’s pretty neat,” he says.

Video by Rogue Fitness.

8min 45sec

Additional reading: Monster Mash by Capt. Andrew Thompson, published Nov. 1, 2004.



12 Comments on “SEALFIT Part 8”


wrote …

bad. ass.


wrote …

mm hm


wrote …

I don't think Rhabdo is something one works through under any circumstances. . .


wrote …

Love the series (can't stress that enough) but in all honesty, this installment (#8) was mostly a flashback episode of previously shown footage. Hope the next episode has more new video and doesn't take a month to come out.


wrote …

Rhabdo + NSAIDS = bad, renal failure, stupid. Thank god they're resilient (Rob and his kidneys, that is).


wrote …

love this series but why are they so short and far apart?


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Great work everybody!


replied to comment from brian harder

+1...Motrin specifically affects the kidneys. Not a good choice. Hydration and rest are most important.


wrote …

Love it!!


wrote …

I can't get enough of this series. Hoping the next one comes out shortly. I'm really looking forward to seeing how all the training comes together with the "mission".


+1 I can't believe any kind of medical professional would allow a person possibly suffering from Rhabdo to consume Motrin!


wrote …

At least i'm not the only one who heard, " i think i'm suffering from Rhabdo so I took some Motrin". yikes!

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