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May 24, 2011

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Leave your tights, weightlifting shoes and iPods at the door. In this camp, your name doesn’t go on the whiteboard. It goes on your plain white T-shirt.

This is SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp.

On the line to accept that challenge are CrossFitters including Mikko Salo, Kristan Clever, Rob Orlando, Tommy Hackenbruck, Caity Henniger, Jimi Letchford and Greg Amundson.

In Part 9, two team missions are on the schedule: one in the mountains and the other on the beach. The mountain recon mission takes place through the night and attempts the impossible: to finish a mission never finished before.

“You know you’re past that point of tired to exhaustion, so you’re just going to do it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you’ve done so much,” says one team member.

The following morning, the group breaks into two teams for the beach mission.

“Everything that we’ve learned up to this point will come into play in this mission,” says SEALFIT founder Mark Divine.

One team leads an assault and has but seven minutes to run over a mile through the sand and surf to scale a lifeguard platform without using the stairs. On their way back, Divine tells them to ford a river and each find a rock “that represents how big your will to live is.”

Meanwhile, the other team is providing support, burying themselves in the sand for cover and resisting the urge to sleep after days without it. The mental and physical challenges continue as the athletes reach the home stretch of their stay at Kokoro Camp.

Video by Rogue Fitness.

15min 40sec

Additional reading: Forging Elite Leadership by Greg Amundson, published April 18, 2011.

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36 Comments on “SEALFIT Part 9”


wrote …

I love how everyone is chilled out doing yoga and thinking the weekend is almost over. When fat boy comes busting in "what the F*** are you doing?".....LOL... Thats awesome.


wrote …

The likes of Salo, Hakenbruck, Amundson and Orlando, getting yelled at by a fatty, that would struggle with a few push ups ...haha...hilarious.

Im suprised they can look at him seriously.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

That looks so f**king tough! 60 hours with no sleep. I don't know how anyone can get through hell week which is even tougher. Respect!!


wrote …

Got to wonder how much these few days damaged their perferomance in the following weeks/months. Overtraining, undereating, no sleep, psychological trauma, hypothermia and so on..
Really cool series tho' !!


wrote …

Matthew, I don't know know anything about SEAL Fit or their crew other than their pedigree. Judging by that it is a safe guess to say that guy has earned his stripes as an athlete and military operator. A little baggage around the middle doesn't mean he can't or hasn't performed at extremely high levels. You might be correct right that he can't do many pushups, but that doesn't mean he can't carry 110lbs of body armour, bullets and guns for a 12 hour mission or spend 3 days hanging out in a sniper hide.

I am not saying he is as or ever was as good at CrossFit as any of those guys, just suggesting you criticize cautiously unless you know what that guy is about. The fact that his face is faded out in all the videos suggests that he has some legit skills.


wrote …

@Brian - Great Assessment

The video editing on this series is superb. Cheers to those involved with the making of this and especially to those who completed the program. Much respect.


wrote …

That "Fatty" HAS earned his stripes and then some, runs an outstanding box, and is stronger mentally and physically than a lot of Crossfit celebs.


wrote …

You'll never hear the true Crossfitters talking's get the point.


Ben O'Grady wrote …

Love the part where Orlando is chillin' in the dirt covered in seaweed and worried about falling asleep.


wrote …

This is a good one! And I don't think Mikko said "help me" I think I heard
"hey i'm peeing"...ha!


wrote …

Brian, well said! Note to bloggers: If the face is blurred "show respect" I will just say this man you are refering as "Fatty" Is a husband, father, one of the best level 2 coach's you will come across with an enormous capacity for work.


Mathew - that "fatty" would destroy you in a nano-second.


replied to comment from Matthew Summers

Wow. Quite possibly the most unprofessional comment I've ever seen on here. Unless you know someone, keep your ignorant mouth shut. You never know what someone is capable of, especially someone who has to have his face blurred. Take a note from men of that ilk and try and be a quiet professional.


Dan Cerrillo wrote …

Thanks for the support everyone, Kelly and Matthew I am a fatty and you both have an open invitaion to CrossFit Bellevue. Come join me anytime and see just how many push-ups I can do. Since its a long flight I'll tell you what sign up for the Murph Challenge this weekend, get yourself a 25lb vest and lets see who fairs better. You beat me you get a free t-shirt from my gym. I beat you and you have to sign up for the Kokoro camp and put your money where your mouth is. Deal?


replied to comment from Dan Cerrillo



Zach Even - Esh wrote …

These videos make me wanna train like a mad man, they show how we are sooooo far from truly pushing ourselves

Thnx CFJ crew for sharing, thnx to all who went through Kokoro and the SEAL Fit Team of course :)



replied to comment from Dan Cerrillo

Right on, brother! It bothers me when people here resort to name calling and insults; I think it makes for a really unpleasant vibe. I doubt you'll have to send out any of your T-shirts, but I bet you knew that already.


replied to comment from Matthew Summers

I went ahead and signed up for the Journal, just so I could reply to this thread.

The man with the blurred out face is stronger, mentally and physically than anyone I've ever met, along with the the other SEALfit instructors. He has inspired me to be stronger, both inside and outside of any box. Say what you want about appearances, but keep in mind that his training and experience far excels anything a lot of us could even imagine. He's a Veteran and should be treated with the utmost respect. He also has one HELL of a strong kid, who I met at Kokoro Camp 10.

Raise some money, Join a Murph Day challenge, vest up and put out.



replied to comment from Mark Divine

What is the status of the book you're working on? I forget whether it was mentioned here or on your website.
I'm intrigued to see what you've learned about the human psyche since you've opened a business for ordinary mortals, as opposed to being surrounded exclusively by other Frogs. Has the command been interested in any of your findings?


wrote …

This series always leave me feeling like my worth ethic/will/desire has something to be desired. I think I'm working pretty hard, that is, until I watch these guys go without sleep for 60 hours...


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Awesome video and wonderful examples of true self-sacrafice. I would like to join this camp next year, if they will take an older (41) female ex-Marine.


wrote …

Got mad respect for all involved with SealFit/Crossfit etc. Why blur someone's face that is willing to tell you where he coaches, who he is etc....????

Makes no sense. My worthless $.02


wrote …

Salomon, you're a badass... even with your seaweed necklace.


replied to comment from Dan Cerrillo





wrote …

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


wrote …

It is better to remain silent and thought the fool - than to speak up and remove all doubt.

Deepest respect to all who have served.


wrote …



wrote …

Dan, that seems like a slightly unfair reward structure for the challenge...a T shirt vs 3 days of supreme pain. remind me not to get into a bet with you!

enough of the flaming, Matt's a good guy and he wouldn't have meant any disrespect by his comments, although it definitely comes off that way. I'm sure he's embarrassed now.

in fact, he lost 30kg himself when he discovered Crossfit and turned himself into a Regionals competitor and a martial arts black belt. I'm not sure Murph is gonna be his ideal WOD to compete with Dan although he may get you on the gymnastic WODs.

I respect the right of Dan and his friends to come out in his support, but let's all chill now and be friends shall we?


replied to comment from Sindre Nygård

I haven't done the Kokoro camp, but unless you get (severely) injured, I doubt it will hurt your performance in the medium- or long-term. If anything, it'll likely improve your overall performance by making you mentally tougher and stronger.

Overtraining: After the camp, take as many days as necessary to rest and recover. You may be extremely sore at first but it'll eventually go away. Stretching, yoga, active recovery, etc. will greatly speed up the recovery process.

Undereating: Eat lots of food.

Sleep deprivation: Sleep.

Psychological trauma: The camp is designed to test and build your mental toughness. It's a traumatic experience only if you view it that way.

Hypothermia: As long as it isn't severe, you'll be fine.


wrote …

haha oooh seals make me laugh. This is good though...for their ever evolving PR that they so desperately crave.

just my $0.02

Great job to those crossfiters that stuck it out. If you're not used to sleep and food dep it can be quite arduous.


Matthew Batchelor wrote …

I love these vids, Sansom media you do a grreat job. Cant wait to go to the states to do the Kokoro camp. Keep up the great work all, you inspire so many :)


wrote …

Awesome videos. Truly great athletes all. I have watched them all and use them for inspiration. I use Mark's inspirational messages, like "Staying in the Fight" also. I have a goal of going to Seal Fit. That's why I Crossfit. But at 70 years of age and too many hours strapped to an ejection seat, I may have missed my window of opportunity some 45-50 years ago. However, a quote from one of the Seal Fit instructors goes something like, "Some of the most amazing feats were accomplished by people who were to dumb to know they were impossible". So I keep pushing myself.
Thanks again for these truly great videos.


wrote …

This video really displays the calibre of athlete the elite crossfitters are. In my opinion the performance of these guys/girls is incredible. I would say SealFit replicates very closely the physical output of a military selection; maybe even goes beyond it in some aspects.


wrote …

Truly amazing camp and series. Hats off to all that complete it and hell, even the one's who fail, for at least they had the balls to try. God bless all our men/women in the armed services for their sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day.


wrote …

Truly amazing camp and series. Hats off to all that complete it and hell, even the one's who fail, for at least they had the balls to try. God bless all our men/women in the armed services for their sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day.


wrote …

"He wouldn't have meant any disrespect by his comments." This type of excusery is one factor killing this country. Seriously calling someone "fatty" but not meaning disrespect? Unless you are a huge Peter Paul Rubens or Botero fan not exactly sure how this would not be construed as disrespectful. If you make a boneheaded comment take responsibility and move forward with a better idea of the person you strive to be.

Coach Cerrillo's offer is the ultimate win-win. Free t-shirts are the bomb and the alternative is the ultimate victory. If one thinks of it as "3 days of extreme pain" then they should probably already be making hotel reservations for a place to stay after dropping out. Better to approach it as 50 hours of amazing personal growth and most disturbingly a ton of fun. I can't believe how much I laughed and the great friends I met. Okay there was a serious physical ass-kicking mixed in but it's funny how your awareness of that fades over the course of the weekend. This is a truly unique experience that can change how you approach life if you open you mind to all it has to offer.

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