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Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 7 by Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

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May 20, 2011

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In this series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share. In Part 7, Sherwood is in Toronto at CrossFit Colosseum. His first interviewee is Joey Wallace, the strength-and-conditioning coach and the acrobatics coach for Cirque du Soleil. According to Wallace, he is attending the Level 1 seminar to see if he can utilize CrossFit for training his acrobats.

Wallace says the Level 1’s emphasis on CrossFit as a general preparedness program is useful to his specific outlet of fitness.

“I believe that if you’re stronger generally, you’re going to be stronger individually in your specific area,” he says. “So I want to try and be able to infuse that together.”

Tyson M. is Sherwood’s second interviewee. He runs a private personal-training and strength-and-conditioning facility out of his home in Ontario. He says that his other credentials lack the education CrossFit provides to its community.

“I have access to education to improve my clients’ lives,” he says, “let alone it helped improve my life.”

He adds: “I’ve been a trainer since 1999, and I found something that challenged me and things I couldn’t do—and when I can’t do something, I like that.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 22 by Neil Anderson, published Jan. 20, 2009.

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wrote …

Hearing new coaches with broad training experience before the cert getting so much out of the Level 1 is awesome. I remember feeling the same way about the "educational" resources available through CrossFit when I became a Level 1 coach. I feel honored to be a part of this community that supports and develops athletes around the world.


wrote …

I completely agree with Tyson about what he enjoyed/got out of Lev 1 cert, that Pat and rest of training staff made you understand everything they were talking about and showing you......

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