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By Tanya Wagner

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May 07, 2011

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Tanya Wagner, the 2009 CrossFit Games champion, has made CrossFit a family affair by getting her grandparents involved. Her grandmother, Nana, is 77 years old, and her grandfather is 81.

Even training just one day a week with Tanya, Nana is seeing great improvement and praises her granddaughter for the success. Now Nana is able to rake her leaves again and walk to her grandson’s soccer games.

“I can walk without my cane now, so that is an accomplishment,” she says.

“I could not really lift anything before—now I can,” Nana continues. “I didn’t have enough strength in my arms to even get up, you know, leaning on a chair, but now I can. I’m not as afraid of falling as I was before because I feel like I could help myself.”

Maintaining functionality while aging is an important part of CrossFit, as is simply feeling good.

“I feel a lot better,” Nana says, and her family is incredibly proud of her progress.

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Additional reading: Seniors and Kids by Greg Glassman, published Feb. 1, 2003.

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13 Comments on “Tanya’s Nana ”


wrote …

I honestly believe that this and CF Kids are the true functions of CrossFit.
Alright, getting us flabby middle-aged folks in shape is up there too and creating a rapidly growing sport is pretty cool, but this, this and CF Kids is Coach' true gift to the world.


wrote …

Good on her :)


wrote …

Nana sure doesn't seem to be 77! Nana you rock!


wrote …

What a great video.

Keep it up Nana!



wrote …

Thanks for posting. Really made me smile. It always makes me sad to see older people becoming more immobile and more depressed - there is definitely a market for CrossFit Seniors. Great Mother's Day post!


wrote …

Thanks for posting this.
Rock on, Nana!


wrote …

Great Video! This is what I have been trying to get across to my Mom (61). Nana is an inspiration to older people and to me as well. I am currently training my Mom, Aunt, sister and a couple of cousins. All are out of shape and need this very much. I wish I could see what Tanya is doing to get her Nana going...Workouts. Keep it up Nana.


Brian Holub wrote …

It would be awesome if you guys could make this a free/public post! I know I'm not the only one who would love to share this with my mom on Mother's Day.


wrote …

this gladdens my heart for several reasons... one being that i am a 61 yo CFer myself and feel the differences and fully intend to still be doing CF until I no longer breath .
Spent mothers day at the aged care hostel with my birth mother.. it is frightening and impossibly sad to watch as she is hoisted up and down to toilet, shower or just move from chair to wheelchair or bed. Poor woman canot reach far enough to pick up something from the other side of her bedside table or something that has fallen to the floor.
Sadly unless we as a society begin to view activity as a fundamental requirement of healthy living ever increasing numbers of us will condem ourselves to a less than desirable old age being dependent upon others for even the most basic of requirements such toiletting....




wrote …

Man this strikes such a chord how sooo many people feel they need to slow down as they get older. I can see my folks going that way. This is such a great advert for the alternative future so many could have as getting older. Thanks for posting it up!


wrote …

What a great video! I'd love to know what kinds of movements Tanya does with her Nana. My mom is 65 and I'd loooove to get her doing some CF stuff to improve her health & fitness & general well-being.

And yes, there is DEFINITELY a market for CF Seniors!


wrote …

go Nana GO! awesome vid everyone :)


wrote …

Hell yea!!! One of the best video's of 2011! Don't sell your progress short, it's amazing!

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