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May 06, 2011

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Creative CrossFitters create new workouts every day. Ryan Ford continues the search for signature workouts from around the world.

“I could totally do a pull-up on that branch.”

Greg Glassman changed the way CrossFitters view the world. Tree branches became pull-up bars, picnic tables turned into plyo boxes and swing sets seemed like great places to hang a set of rings. And that rock over there? You should probably overhead squat it.

Indeed, all the world is a CrossFit gym with the right pair of eyes and a little creativity.

This article is the fourth in a series where we’ll publish some of the best workouts from locales around the world, giving residents and travelers a chance to test their fitness outside the box. If you have a set of landmarks, natural features or outdoor “equipment” suited for a great WOD, please view the submission guidelines on the last page of this article—then send us your workout!



8 Comments on “World of WODs No. 4: Morrison, Colo.”


wrote …

Thanks for the WOD, Ryan.

Heed the note to "jog" back down those steps. Those steps seem to be spaced and sloped perfectly to accelerate you if you are not careful. This comes from my own near death experience on those steps when I got going so fast that I could not slow myself down. I thought I was going to eat those steps. Imagine a rubber ball bouncing down, gaining speed with each bounce. Luckily, miraculously, I somehow made it to the bottom. Coming down those steps, even after concerts, still scares me.


wrote …

Thanks for this series, I never stumbled on them before.

Just returned home from a week long climbing trip in Spain, I couldn't resist to do the same thing a these fellow Crossfitters did. Using beautifull environment for a workout is something we should do more often.

Loving these 'Parkour' like things. Big thanks for the new insight!

I recorded my workout and not going to submission anything.
If a W/F/S youtube link is allowed, here is my vid: (there are different parts. didn't have the software with me to merge them into one)


wrote …

I checked out Thijs's workout video. Loved it. Sunrise over the mountain, awesome. SO WHEN ARE WE GONNA SEE THE VIDEO SERIES FOR "WORLD OF WODS", EH? Don't get me wrong, I love the series so far. And I'm sure the pro videographers of already have scads of projects they are just too busy to get to. What about a PDF article with video links to the guy's homemade videos?


wrote …

Working out at Red Rocks is the most amazing experience! We lived in Denver for 2 years and went there every weekend for the fun/torturous terrain...we biked, hiked, ran, and push-uped, snaked, jumped, sprinted, squatted and lunged our way way around those steps. The pics don't do it justice! We loved it so much that a year after we moved away we went back and got married there last summer.
Great WOD!

Harley and Emily Smith


replied to comment from John Lyman

Hi, John.

Our next edition of World of WODs will indeed feature a video segment. It'll be two-time Games competitor Blair Morrison and a friend doing a chipper on the grounds of the California Capitol in Sacramento.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading and commenting.

CrossFit Journal


wrote …

Great article -- makes me wish I lived in Colorado. Followed the link at the end to Ryan's DemonDrills video -- holy sh&%!!! This guy is doing some amazing stuff. 30 consecutive bar MU's just to start -- you might want to check out the Guinness world record for consecutive bar muscle ups -- it is 25 set by a guy named Jarryd Rubinstein. Here's the link to the Guinness page:

Maybe you should submit a video to the Guinness people...


wrote …

Last summer, while visiting friends in Denver, my wife and I visited Red Rocks
and we were completely stunned.

We witnessed dozens of athletes utilizing this beautiful and historic ampitheatre as an amazing box. The athleticism was incredibly awesome.


wrote …

Ive done a few WOD's at Red Rocks while working in Denver last Spring and Summer. That place is brutal. Afull sprint up those seats will leave you breathless for minutes. I live at Sea Level (Texas) and the 7200 foot elevation was horrific. FYI doing handstand pushups and KB swings here will get people watching.

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