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“If I Just Would Have Done CrossFit” by John Stone - CrossFit Journal
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Professional athlete John Stone, owner of CrossFit OWS, wishes he had found CrossFit earlier in his sports career. After playing college football for Wake Forest, he spent five seasons in the NFL, including three years with the Oakland Raiders. He is now a CrossFitter and gym owner in New Jersey.

“I’ve obviously been involved in fitness all my life,” Stone says. But he says CrossFit would have helped him become even more successful.

“If I would have had this when I was playing, I think I would have been a lot more effective athlete, especially efficiency-wise,” he says.

CrossFit has actually increased Stone’s fitness, especially with the Olympic lifts, and the program provides him an outlet to compete again. Nutrition also adds another new dimension to his training.

“The better I eat, the better I perform,” he says.

Stone has been CrossFitting for a year and half but still found himself out of breath after Open workout 11.2. Says Stone: “I should be used to this by now, right? Great thing about CrossFit—your body never adapts.”

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Additional reading: The Marlins Go CrossFit by Paul Fournier, published March 1, 2010.

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8 Comments on ““If I Just Would Have Done CrossFit””


wrote …

I love seeing crossfit transcend different sport related boundaries, especially because those boundaries usually come from a lack of an open mind.


wrote …

Glassman has been quoted as saying the idea of "sport specific" training is nonsense. Watching guys like Welbourne, Carswell, and Stone say that crossfit would have helped their athletic performance is evidence for me that Glassman is probably correct. Although these are all NFL guys, I'm beginning to think more and more that, like the crossfit philosophy says, there is a general capacity that lends itself well to most things. Interesting stuff!


If the body didn't adapt to the stress you place on it, you'd never get stronger or faster. Adaption is what we all want. I never understood why people say otherwise. And yes, I'm nitpicking semantics. :)


wrote …

Great interview!


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Cool interview John. We train a bunch of athletes at my old high school and we have been running into problems with the football coach there (my old coach as well). He is just incredibly against his football kids doing CrossFit. He wants them to get "big" and all that. Funny thing is, their best offensive and best defensive player both did CrossFit. I'm just glad to see a high-level athlete such as yourself support the ideals of CrossFit. Hopefully the coaches will understand soon. But keep up your hard work. Glad you have found something you like and I'm sure you're gonna stick with it.


wrote …

Love the BJ Penn shirt bro. Great interview!


wrote …

I just can't get over how big John's chest is - damn!

Oh, and good video... :)


wrote …

I think strength & conditioning coaches will be the last group to accept crossfit's methods. They seem to be against anything that gains popularity for the masses claiming it decreases legitimacy. I guess the same should be said to crossfit coaches: be open minded about strength & conditioning methods outside of crossfit. Charles Poliquin, Mike Boyle, etc. have great knowledge and really we're all on the same team.

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