The Yoke With Dave Castro

By Dave Castro

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May 20, 2011

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According to Dave Castro, HQ Director of Training, he is not an expert on the Rogue yoke but “a casual observer and a casual user.” Learn how he incorporates this piece of strongman equipment into his training repertoire.

“The amount of features this thing has is really cool for a gym or for a garage gym,” Castro says.

In addition to using the yoke in the traditional sense, lifting with your shoulders, the frame is a versatile rack with adjustments for squatting, pressing and even benching. The top bar of the frame can be used for fat-bar pull-ups or to hang a set of rings.

As a yoke, the weight distribution is innovative with centralized and four-corner placement. The adjustable top bar even allows for Zercher carries, jumping drills and pushing.

5min 21sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Radio Episode 135 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 1, 2010.

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15 Comments on “The Yoke With Dave Castro”


wrote …

Really clever, looks like a great piece of equipment!


wrote …

Very cool!

Hey Bill Henniger -

Do the squat stand safety spotter arms fit on the yoke? Are there holes for band pegs?


Honey, do you have the credit card?


wrote …

This will be at the games


wrote …

looks like castro is testing out the yoke for the games


wrote …

I want one.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

DC good feedback, brutha

Rob, that shiz is deadly!

YEARS ago, I saw Louie had this at his gym, they used it in Special Strengths DVD
really fast, showed zercher squats and it got me rolling on zerchers

That BEAST looks tight and sturdy, I can tell you've put your time in BIG Rob, no doubt, it is legit!




wrote …

Two words Dave. Hair and Cut. ;-)

Cool gear BTW.


wrote …

Todd - Yes they work on the Yoke


wrote …

Hey Bill, you could drop one off at my place if you want. Just saying...


wrote …

Air drop?


wrote …

It is awesome to see the Yoke making an appearance in the CrossFit world. If you guys ever have any questions on the proper way to use it or how to incorporate it into your programming just shoot me an email.

Rob O


wrote …

Any thoughts on squatting the actual yoke, starting in the bottom position? I'm thinking this would be a good way to squat heavy with the added pendulum of the yoke. Plus it's safe as far as bailing.


wrote …

@ Jacob

I believe there was a post on Dave Lipsons blog where he was doing concentric squats from the bottom position, have a look around for it.


wrote …

@ Jacob--the Yoke can be used for squatting. It's a completely different stimulus and way safer than doing partials out of the rack. To fix sticking points in your squat set the bar to various heights and try popping out of the whole with no eccentric loading. Speed is paramount!! Have fun and email me with any questions.


wrote …

Where did you get that shirt?

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