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“I Wanted to Keep Up With the Boys” by Betsy Finley - CrossFit Journal
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In Akron, Ohio, 61-year-old Betsy Finley is training for the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. She tied for second overall in the 60-plus category of the Masters division during the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.

Finley says she started working out to be able to sea-kayak with a group of friends.

“I decided I didn’t want to be the granny at the back; I wanted to keep up with the boys,” she says.

When her personal trainer adopted CrossFit, Finley moved with him to CrossFit Akron and hasn’t looked back.

“This CrossFit thing is perfect for all the things that I like to do,” she says.

Her advice is simple: “For people my age, I think it’s an amazing feeling to feel fit overall, and I don’t care where you start. You’ve got to not be comparing yourself to everybody else and just get started and get moving and do it,” Finley says. “I think it’s awesome. I’m not gonna stop.”

Watch her take on Open Workout 11.6, the thruster/pull-up AMRAP.

9min 43sec

Additional reading: Week 6 Workout.

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17 Comments on ““I Wanted to Keep Up With the Boys” ”


wrote …

Betsy Finley, you are an inspiration...WOW!


EC S wrote …

Wow, indeed. Betsy, you are amazing! Good luck at the games; we're all cheering for you!


wrote …

You rock Betsy!!!! Truly amazing! Best of luck at the Games!


wrote …

Hey Betsy....This is Fortune Santos....I'm the one who got the highest score in the world on this wod. I am 40 years old and have three young children. You are such an amazing inspiration for me. I too wonder how my life would have been if I had met CrossFit as a younger person. I was 6th overall before I went to Regionals and was in 2nd overall at the Regionals till I ripped my hands open and decided to eliminate myself. I will be back next year and hope to meet you at The Games in 2012!!!


wrote …

I love watching stories like this. It just makes me want to go do a WOD right now. Betsy, you are amazing. Knock em dead at the games!


wrote …

This is what CrossFit is all about! Truly inspiring. All the best at the games!


wrote …

Nice! I've had the privilege of working out with Betsy for a while. She's truly amazing!


wrote …

This is so great Betsy!! Good luck at the CrossFit Games, you'll do great!!


wrote …


You are an inspiration, I'm 43 and would like to follow in your footsteps in two years.

And the comment about your shoulders, they were right, they look great ;)


wrote …


You truely are amazing and inspiring. I am 53 and I want your shoulders!
With that positive attitude that you have, no doubt you will do very well at the games!


wrote …


Great Job, you are an inspiration to us all. The arms and shoulders look great ;).


wrote …

Betsy you are AMAZING!!!!!!! go B go!


wrote …

You are an amazing and awesome woman! I was volunteering at the Norcal Regionals this past June to cheer on my personal trainer who was competing. After watching those competitions then reading your article, I decided to continue with my CrossFit classes and I'm now in the process of checking out different affiliates. I'm 43 and will train soon to compete in Masters. CrossFit works, no matter what your age or level of fitness is. Good luck at the Games!


wrote …


Awesome work! You are truly an inspiration to all of us at CrossFit Akron.


wrote …


You are as good a poster child for CrossFit, (maybe better), than a tatoo-covered stud with a 2 minute Fran. ( No offense, studs!) Keep up the great work!


wrote …


I am rooting for you! I just started and am so happy you made this video as it just the inspiration I needed to continue and create a goal or two! Way to go Betsy, thank YOU.


wrote …

I will be 70 next year and enjoy my training. I box once a week, my fun time, workout with kettlebells and use the stationery bike on the mountain programmes to keep up endurance and the cardio. Many women younger than me are unable to do the stuff I do. Having a really well educated and informed trainer has helped, and honestly I have had no injuries, apart from a rotator cuff (my doing with a kettlebell early on in my training). I want to be the grandmother my granddaughter will be proud of.
Thanks Crossfit for the motivation and guidance.

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