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June 25, 2011

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“I found CrossFit through lifestyle being horrible, starting to want to lose weight, get in better shape,” says Jason Anderson, the co-owner of CrossFit Blaze in Naples, Fla. He says he started with bodybuilding and didn’t see much change in body composition until he altered his food intake. Then, Anderson found CrossFit. He looked into the program, watched the videos and was immediately hooked.

“All of a sudden, it just came natural to me. It really felt like what I was, what we were doing, was right,” Anderson says.

Coming from a poor health background has given Anderson a unique perspective as a fitness coach.

“My journey also helped me help others with their journey,” he says.

CrossFit Blaze has grown through the support of its community members.

“I’ve tried to stay as true to the CrossFit methodology as I can because I believe in that organic growth,” he says. “Especially in a smaller town, that organic growth just happens because the word of mouth is so much smaller than a town like Miami, like Las Vegas, like L.A.”

Anderson’s advice to others thinking of opening their own affiliate is this: “Don’t do it alone because it won’t work.” He believes teamwork is key to managing all the facets of a burgeoning business.

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Additional reading: The Story Behind the Success by Jeremy Thiel, published Sept. 27, 2009.



12 Comments on “CrossFit Blaze: We Burn It Down”


wrote …

Awesome Stuff Jason! Good for you man!


wrote …

Brittany is hot!


wrote …

I don't even care that Brittany's squat aren't parallel. She's hot.


wrote …

One of the best gyms I have been too. Great community, great vibe. Jason runs the gym with his Mom and it just feels so right! We were just passing through town and ended up staying for 3 days. It is a great CF gym with great beaches only a few miles away. I will be back!


wrote …

Hey Jason,

You probably already know this, but for everyone else, just a heads-up on SDLHP: they can cause a lot of shoulder problems if the shoulder positioning isn't right (back of socket with external rotation, as discussed by K-Starr here

- Cody


wrote …

They're parallel now. :)


wrote …

I've burned it down with Jason a few times. Awesome box. And I can vouch for Brittany's depth on some pretty impressive overhead squats.


Jocelyn Rylee wrote …

I came to the comments hoping someone would have called out the numerous range of motion issues going on in this video - The globo gym depth back squats, the not fully extended box jumps, the burpees without the chest to deck, the short depth and not locked out ring dips, etc etc etc.

This seems like a nice gym full of good people, so it saddens me to see that kind of movement happening in what is otherwise a positive community of people in pursuit of fitness.

My philosophy has always been that my athletes' movement is a reflection of my own coaching ability. If my athletes are moving poorly, it's my fault and I should be embarrassed about that. I don't see why you can't have a great gym, full of great people, with great movement too.


wrote …

Jason! awesome job sir. Keep it up and spread the love!


wrote …

Jason nice for you brother. Box looks good
Lend that girl your olift shoes or something..;-)

You get that snatch up past 230?

CF Triumph
Tarpon Springs,FL


Rob Barrese wrote …

Excellent video, thanks for sharing your insights Jason!


wrote …

I was thinking the same thing, Jocelyn.

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