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Coaches Prep Course: Managing Heavy Days by Adrian Bozman - CrossFit Journal

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June 05, 2011

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Join HQ trainer Adrian (Boz) Bozman for a peek into the Coaches Prep Course. In this video, Boz discusses programming heavy days and how to design a class around the WOD.

For a heavy day, Boz suggests a specific warm-up to prepare the athletes for the task.

“We want to make sure that we spend some time experiencing that position, experiencing the demands of that movement before the weight is the limiting factor,” he says.

After the warm-up, the coach needs to explain his/her expectations for the sets and logistics for the group. The coach needs to go over safety protocols and whether or not spotting is appropriate for the lift.

“It might seem second nature to you; it’s not to them,” he says.

Coaching while the athlete is under load is another scenario for a trainer.

“One word, one tip at a time,” is Boz’s suggestion for making corrections. “Pick one. Hammer that one thing.”

A coach should follow up after the lift to work on the details, he says. After the workout, cool-down is important “to restore range of motion to those muscles,” Boz says.

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Additional reading: Heavy, Light and Medium by Bill Starr, published May 18, 2011.

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12 Comments on “Coaches Prep Course: Managing Heavy Days”


wrote …

Knowledge! I love how Adrian keeps it simple, yet still offers up so much great info.


wrote …

Very solid video. Keep up the great coaching!


wrote …

Boz gets it.


wrote …

Very helpful, thanks Boz.


wrote …

Very helpfull. Boz does keep it simple.


wrote …

man made numbers...brilliant!


wrote …

Bozman. Legit.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Gotta be the 'stache.

There is power in the 'stache.


wrote …

I totally knew all that already! Great info. I think Zombieland illustrates the importance of warm up well!


wrote …

Agree with Matt...simplicity trumps! Great job explaining Boz!


wrote …

Boz keeps the Coach Glassman spirit in the coaching. Simplifying and reducing all the fitness BS down to what is useful and actionable is what makes Crossfit so powerful.


wrote …

Love how Boz keeps everything in perspective. At my cert one of his quotes was "it's not good and evil". Appreciate his attitude of just wanting to help people improve their fitness. No ego. Refreshing.

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