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June 09, 2011

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David Stowe placed ninth in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open and qualified for the Central East Regional. Unlike many other CrossFitters, Stowe does not train at a CrossFit box. Instead, he spends 80 percent of his time training at Global Fitness and the rest in his home.

When Stowe started CrossFitting at Global Fitness, he caused some problems with a few movements and maybe just a little broken drywall.

“I had a couple issues, been kicked out a couple times, had a couple people fired because of me getting kicked out,” he said. “The owner’s pretty much sided with me, and now I get to stay here and kick butt.”

At the Globo Gym, Stowe’s found a way to do wall-ball shots, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, sprints and Olympic lifts in what he calls “David’s corner.” After cracking the top 10 in the Open, Stowe will now get the chance to put his “guerrilla training” to the test as he competes against overall Open winner Dan Bailey in the Central East Regional June 10-12.

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Additional video: A CrossFit Affiliate in a Globo Gym by Allison Autrey, published March 19, 2011.

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20 Comments on “David Stowe: Globo Guerrilla”


wrote …

This is one of the best videos I've seen on the journal. I work out in 4 different locations in order to get in adequate training. 2 Globogyms, my house and a small location that I helped set up with my ROTC battalion complete with pullup bars, tractor tires, and a wall for HSPU. The globogyms won't allow Olympic lifts or overhead presses so I have to make due with my own equipment at home. Its inspiring to see someone do so well within the restrictions of the globogym environment. Good luck at the Regional David!


wrote …

Good Video. The question that I have is why David chooses to work out at the Globo when he mentions that he has a Box in town (CF Legacy) that he sometimes works out in? I'm not asking to judge, I have 2 Boxes in my town but work out at a glorified garage gym. Just curious. Good Job David!
Btw, I want to see the guy in the white shirt, that they kept filming, to throw down an Elizabeth. I'm interested to see where his bicep curls have gotten him. (Now that was judging!)


Nigel Gordijk wrote …

like this video I do, but he seemed to give the impression that if you're not doing crossfit you are wasting your time in the gym, which I don't agree with and one of the reason so many people are against crossfit. I workout in a regular gym too, and plenty of people are doing solid programs that are getting them results. If crossfit works for you that's great, I know I enjoy it, but I also know there are other training methods that are great to do as well. If that wasn't his intention I apologize!

I also don't agree with people getting fired for doing there job, if I saw someone walk into the wall with a barbell and leave a mark I'd expect the staff to do something.


wrote …

Like Alexander said, this is one of the best videos on the journal!!!!!


wrote …



Jonathan Bundy wrote …

Are the reverse curls with squat because squat cleans are too easy? Maybe I'll get there some day :)


wrote …

Great vid and good luck at regionals David. Let's not be haters of other methodologies in training, we all know what it is like to be on the hated end. Take pity on those that have fallen into the media driven 'fitness' frenzy that is bodybuilding/figures competition. Touted as a 'healthy' lifestyle but yet is such a psychologically,emotionally and many times physically damaging lifestyle it is hard to believe it has remained so. Still, people that want that 280 lb beefcake look let them be. Hopefully some day they will see they are not as 'fit' as they are told they are by the media. At least they are doing something, which I think Mr. Glassman himself has said before in regards to crossfit vs. no exercise (wish I could recall the video). Keep up the good work fellow crossfitters, David this wasn't a direct submission to you but to everyone who knows crossfit is the way for full range fitness but doesn't seem to recognize not everyone wants to crossfit. Let it be our little secret and let them squander there time frutilessly.


wrote …

So basically if he announces that he'll be walking with weight overhead it's the spin guys fault for not knowing and feeling uncomfortable? Then he damages the gym because he's doing something the space isn't designed for and then an employee gets fired for applying some common sense. This gym is like bizarro world. I like the attitude of making things work with the equipment you have available but you gotta have respect for the space and the other people in the area.


replied to comment from Troy Walker


Don't take pity.

Exercising is not touted as healthy: it is healthy. Crossfit does not stand alone on being healthy. It is part of a spectrum of healthy options. Furthermore, psychologically, emotionally [redundant!] and many times physically damaging? Get off your high horse. Yes, anything CAN be damaging. Do people burnout in any of the ways you described doing crossfit? Yes. (It's probably easier with CF because of the intensity.)

Your little secret?! Squander their time fruitlessly?!

Holier-than-thou much?


wrote …

The video and use of the gym is sweet, however!


wrote …

Good luck at the Regionals!


wrote …

Awesome video!


wrote …

Loved this video! I can totally relate to this guy. I have been with a globogym for years - appropriately named "Fitness World" - but only discovered Crossfit in late 2008. It has been a fun, challenging, and occasionally frustrating experience to do Crossfit WODs in a globo-environment. Now that I have accumulated enough equipment to outfit the home gym, I will be dropping the membership at the end of this year (Concept2 rower was the last piece of the puzzle). In some ways, I will miss it - it's always a little fun to see the stares after you peel yourself off the floor or when doing movements that just aren't traditionally seen in globos.

Infidels of the world, unite!


wrote …

Great video! It's cool that the owner of the gym supports it's customers. You don't see that all that often these days. Good luck in the Regionals!


replied to comment from Troy Walker

Sweet video.

Troy - Good bodybuilders don't squander their time fruitlessly. They're trying to get jacked and if they work their asses off, they succeed at what they're trying to do. And a lot of times, lift some pretty heavy weight and hit rep PR's that are damn impressive. They also have the conditioning to get through 40-60 heavy sets in an hour or so. I have mad respect for 100% natural bodybuilders. They put in work.


wrote …

Proves the old saying "where there is a will there is a way"


wrote …

Thanks for all the comments. In the video I stated their are better methodologies than what clients are currently using for fitness. As for a local box the closest is 45 minutes and Legacy is over an hour away.


wrote …

Yeah, I'm a bit mixed with this video to be totally honest. Maybe it's the editing, but you don't want to come off as arrogant and almost taking enjoment out of making others uncomfortable. Take pride in training hard and finding a way to make it work under less-than-ideal conditions, but don't be too cocky about it. Again, maybe it's the editing, but quoting some guy calling you a "hero"? Dude, c'mon. Fit? Yup,that's dialed in. Committed? Absolutely. Humble?,..That might still need a bit of work.
Just my take on it, though. Keep training hard.


wrote …

Great video! I'm happy to see that you made it work. Wasnt the case in my old globo gym years ago. I also think people are misunderstanding parts of your vid, I think trying to explain the situation right after a wod doesnt help all that much either. I'm gonna guess the guy that got fired was most likely not the greatest employee anyway, and had other issues surrounding that. Hitting a wall, not the worst thing in the world - especially if you weren't an ass about it. Seems like he is pretty respectful of every one elses time and space (hence the 5:30 workouts, and using a small corner).

Keep it up!


wrote …

Great video, I've been doing the same thing as David for a little over a year at a Gold's Gym due to CF gyms just being too expensive for my limited budget. I had some problems with some memebers complaining as well due to either me doing "dangerous" lifts or as far as being complained for sweating too much. But the key to all this is clear, make friends with the staff and most of the times they'll side with you. It's also funny with all the positive reactions he gets, it's very similar to what I get too, such as being asked to train them or just having a group of members that do cheer me on. This video also was very motivating to know that someone doesn't have to come from a CF gym and kick butt, because I have intentions on competing in next years games.

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