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Cooking With Nick Massie: Calabacitas by Nick Massie - CrossFit Journal

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June 26, 2011

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In this cooking series, Denver’s Nick Massie is showing off his culinary skills for celebrity guests including Matt and Cherie Chan and Pat Sherwood. Today’s vegetable dish has its roots in New Mexican cuisine. The term “calabaza” means “squash” in Spanish. Calabacitas includes yellow squash, zucchini, corn, mushrooms, onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Massie demonstrates how to trim the corn kernels off the cob and slice the other vegetables. Then he caramelizes the vegetables in a hot pan, seasoning them with salt, pepper, chili powder and half a lime at the end.

Massie says the order of adding vegetables to the pan is set by “what takes the longest to cook.” According to him, “Onions take the longest. Then we did the squash. Then the tomatoes don’t take long, but they bring moisture, so that’ll help kind of steam everything, and then we’ll finish with the mushrooms.”

This vegetable dish pairs perfectly with Massie’s Chili Lime Chicken.

Download the recipe here: Calabacitas.

4min 2sec

Additional reading: CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2004.

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22 Comments on “Cooking With Nick Massie: Calabacitas ”


wrote …

I am so making this tomorrow night. I say it everytime.... Keep this series going, I could watch this every day.


wrote …

Thank you Nick!! I love all the CrossFit journal content but these are my favorite. I like a lot of people (and probably like a lot of dudes) struggle with creativity in the kitchen, yet food is the foundation of the performance pyramid. These videos help me immensely in being confident to go in the kitchen and make some delicious grub.

Thanks again!


replied to comment from John Carey

There should be a comma after "I, like a..." so it doesn't read as "I like a lot of dudes", haha!


wrote …

This cooking is great except that it isn't practical in the least bit. Or maybe people have 9-5 jobs where they can cook/buy food on a regular basis. It is a nice fantasy though for most of us.


wrote …

Nick, the food you made was amazing! Thanks. You have motivated me to expand my horizons in the kitchen.


wrote …

Nick, What brand of knives do you use and how often do you get them sharpened?


replied to comment from John Garrett

They are Glestain knives, available at KORIN.
I sharpen them myself on a 1000/6000 Japanese wet stone, also available at KORIN. If you go this route, purchase the accompanying DVD that teaches you how to sharpen.
Good Luck!


wrote …

Nick, do you offer a DVD set of cooking classes yet? If you did they would sell. I would love to see more. Also do you do one on one classes?


wrote …

I LOVE this series! Since I went paleo I have dramatically branched out in my cooking and it's always nice to get new ideas. Keep them coming!


wrote …

Just have to add to the comments from everyone; I love this series. I can get recipes anywhere, but I really appreciate the little practical tips along the way. Thanks Nick!

P.S. to Matt Hill above, I cook like this all the time and I have a 50+hr/wk job along with a 6hr/wk CF habit. With regular practice and focus on improving efficiency in the kitchen and grocery store, cooking real meals takes much less time than you might think.


wrote …

Good Shit Nick! Keep em coming.


wrote …

Just fired down the chicken lime w/veggies and it was awesome.


wrote …

Chicken recipe was great, but was wondering what the veggies were I saw in the vid. Now I know. Looking to do this meal again, it was great. Thanks.


wrote …

Nick, this looks great. I always have a hard time with the veggies in every meal, and end up forcing something down I don't enjoy, which makes it more difficult to stay disciplined. If you have a chance, please post more veggie recipes. It seems to me that part of the meal is lacking in most zone recipes and meal plans.


I thought I saw Mr. Sherwood in the background... on the next cooking episode I think they need to get Pat up to the counter!


wrote …

I made both dishes last night and they tasted amazing. I used chicken breast instead of a whole chicken. Nick keep the great recipes coming.


wrote …

I made this with some grilled carne asada... very tastey and a good use of summer produce


Darrin Shaw wrote …

First LOVE all your tips and videos! I hope there are many more to come! I'm remodeling our kitchen soon and we put on cooking classes for our athletes from our box and we cook ALL THE TIME! Quick question.... What stove and range top do you recommend?

Thank you!
Darrin Shaw


wrote …

Is there the actual recipe for this and the others? Wondering about the amount of each ingredient to use. Thanks.


wrote …

great recipes and ideas. keep the series going. Are you going to do a fall related menu?


replied to comment from John Carey

John likes a lot of dudes!
@Massie, AWESOME! This is such a great recipe. I just made it again. Can't get enough. Keep 'em coming.


replied to comment from Matt Hill

Matt it can be done! To do some prep work, cut up veggies on the weekend when you have the time. Put the veggies in baggies then add your meat when your preparing your meals it will cut down your cooking time in half! It can be hard to find the time in the kitchen but prep work is half the battle.

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