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June 16, 2011

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Join CrossFitter and chef Nick Massie as he prepares chili lime chicken for his diners, including Pat Sherwood and Matt and Cherie Chan.

Today’s recipe is extremely simple: using lime zest, cilantro, chili powder, fresh garlic and chicken, plus salt, peppers and oil for seasoning, you can make a delicious meal in about an hour. Massie provides some tips and tricks of the trade as he uses his knife skills to make short work of the garlic, cilantro and whole chickens.

Next up is the seasoning. For the chickens, Massie says, “We want to keep them as dry as we can so that stuff will stick to them.”

He seasons the chicken with salt, black pepper, red pepper, chili powder and oil and then adds the chopped garlic, cilantro, lime zest and more chili powder on top.

After seasoning, Massie sears the chicken in hot pans to crisp and caramelize the skin, and then he finishes them in the oven. Once they reach safe temperature, they need to rest before you can dive in.

“This just allows the juices to redistribute into the chicken,” he says.

After the feast, the diners are pleased.

“It was mind-boggling and delicious. It was awesome,” Sherwood says. “This is what I would get in a restaurant.”

Download the recipe here: Chili Lime Chicken.
7min 51sec

Additional reading: CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2004.

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43 Comments on “Cooking With Nick Massie: Chili Lime Chicken”


wrote …

Keep this series going. I could watch this everyday!!!


wrote …

Very nice!!


wrote …

man, he makes it look so easy!! i'm sure i'll struggle with it, but i want to give this a shot.

awesome job guys!


wrote …

I agree with Ryan . It's also motivating to get in the kitchen and try some shit lol. Keep it up


wrote …

I agree keep this series going!


wrote …

How about getting more cross fitters involved around the globe and having them share some great paleo or zone recepies?


wrote …

Way too much work just for food.


wrote …

I want to know what kind of skillets Nick uses.


wrote …

so easy, so yummy... a little prep and time=healthy and delish!
way to go bro!

key is to cook more and have left overs to use for future meals :)


wrote …

Deeelish! Great series!


wrote …

Excellent series, I would watch this everday as well.


wrote …

Can't wait for the next episode. Great series!


Nigel Gordijk wrote …

Nick - where did you learn to cook? Did you have formal training?


replied to comment from Matt Hill

You reap what you sow Matt.

My wife and I have been spending much more time in the kitchen lately. While it is a pain in the ass the benefits far outweigh the costs.

It also seems to literally cost more to cook at home but when you begin to learn to cook better, healthier food becomes a part of your life.

It's a lot easier to buy something frozen and microwave it or to stop a the drive through. Even to get takeout from a decent restaurant but lord only knows that crap that's in that food.

I'll stick with the painfully laborious home-cooked food.

Plus, leftovers make for a good lunch. While everyone in the break room at work is eating their "Healthy Choice" microwave crap. I'm eating like a king. And they're all jealous.


wrote …

The cookware brings up a good question.

Why the non-stick? Why the plastic cutting boards?

You go through all the trouble and expense of buying clean food yet you're introducing toxic chemicals to your body.

One thing I've found missing in the wonderful world of CrossFit (where I've learned so much about creating a healthier life for myself and my family - from exercise, shoe choices, posture, mobility, and nutrition - really, an almost complete package) is environmental toxins.

Just cause you can't see it (referring to the microscopic flakes of Teflon and plastic particles from the cutting board) doesn't mean it can't hurt you.

I've been using stainless steel cookware and wooden cutting boards for a long time and you can get the same results with proper cooking techniques.

Still, wonderful series. Keep them coming.



replied to comment from Scott Kraatz


Your cutting board might give you a splinter.

You should juggle your food in one hand and dice it mid-air with the other. The ninja turtles would be proud.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

I watch this video and am reminded that I still have trouble with cracking eggs open every morning...


wrote …

Tried this meal today for luns.... fantastic well done mate look forward to more of your recipies


Richard Rigor wrote …

What kind of knives are you using in the video?


wrote …

It would be great to have a printable recipe too! :-)


wrote …

Made your dish this evning,great dish.
Family was amazing at the fragrence of the lime zest.


replied to comment from Jerrod Anderson

The skillets I am using in the video are from Bakers and Chefs, a brand sold at Sam's club. They are large, durable and economical. I use them mainly when cooking large quantities or several different types of food in a row because they are easy to clean.


replied to comment from Nigel Gordijk

Most of my formal training took place at the University of Alaska Anchorage in their hotel and restaurant management program. However, most of my practical training took place in 20+ restaurants over the past 15 years. Practice is everything when it comes to cooking. If you want to hone your skills, it is a great idea to volunteer as a prep cook at a soup kitchen, there you get a lot of practice with knife skills and can learn one of the great joys in life... how to cook soup.
Thanks for asking!


replied to comment from Scott Kraatz

I use the non-stick pans out of convenience. I have cooked as a private chef for the past 5 years where I don't have the luxury of a dedicated person to wash dishes. With these pans, I am able to cook one food and then quickly wipe the pans and use them again for the next food in line. When shooting these videos, I am not yet afforded the luxury of a dishwasher either and we are doing 10+ videos back to back.
Non-stick pans are still widely used throughout the professional cooking industry. When doing research, you'll find that the verdict is still out on the effects of polytetrafluoroethylene. The pans I use are more commercial grade and use a coating called Eclipse, which is said to be 10 times more durable than teflon... they haven't flaked on me yet.
As far as my personal cookware quiver, I use Copper Core pans from all-clad. They are the best I've seen, but they cost $200-$300 per piece, so they are not quite what I would promote to the CrossFit community. A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is a good tool, as well as stainless or aluminum. They all have their pros and cons.
I have been cutting on poly cutting boards since I began my cooking career. They are the only cutting board acceptable by the majority of health departments and I've really acquired a taste for the tiny bits of plastic....
Glad you like the series.


replied to comment from Richard Rigor

They are Glestain Knives. Available at KORIN, a Japanese knife shop in NYC.
Check them out.


wrote …

I made this last night and it was great. The prep time was worth it. I ended up squeezing the lime juice onto the chicken, but it's possible it will be used in another recipe in the series. I just didn't want to waste it. I do realize that I need better (or just sharper) knives since cutting apart that chicken was tough. Next time I might use leg quarters or other parts of the chicken instead of getting a whole one.


replied to comment from Nick Massie

Thanks Nick.


replied to comment from Christina Bowhuis

8 ingredients....piece of cake.


wrote …

Nick, what was the dish you served with the chicken? I am slowly changing my non-crossfit/paleo/zone spouse to eating healthier. The chicken looks amazing an I will be making it tomorrow.


wrote …

As far as tiny bits of plastic....I've never had much of an issue there. Using wood cutting boards presents much more of a risk due to the fact that wood absorbs water and the chances of bacteria growing on or in your cutting board are higher than ingesting little pieces of plastic! The towel under the cutting board is to simply prevent the cutting board from sliding around. I also have never had an issue with any of my pans flaking on me,, then again, I don't use anything that will scrape the non stick coating's non stick:0 You can get similar knives to what Nick uses at Target or even Walmart. They sell them pretty much everywhere. Maybe not the name brand, but the same style.

I love this series and can not wait to see the side dish preparation. It looks delicious! Keep the videos coming. I assume the Chan's might be a little busy preparing for the games to do more videos, but I really like the Chan series also! Keep it up!


wrote …

I love this series. Please make more of these videos. I am a big fan. And thanks for the tip about volunteering at a soup kitchen. Wanted to go to culinary school but don't have the time or the money. Volunteering will help me to get the experience and give back to the community.

Cheers and ignore the haters. You're doing great and I can't wait to see the next video.


wrote …

Going to try this for the boys at the fire house tomorrow and see "if it makes a turd". I'll let you know.

Thanks for posting this up and it looks great, keep up the good work.


wrote …

Did I just read that you went to UAA? Go Seawolves!

Fellow Alaskan


wrote …

Keep it up! Love it!


wrote …

I made this last night with the calabacitas and was shocked that I made something that tasted & looked like this. Thanks Nick for showing the simple (very achievable) way to make something that tastes like something you buy at a restaurant. My only drawback was that I cut off half my nail while cutting garlic...I definitely need some mote work on knife skills, any tips for practicing safely? Thanks.


wrote …

This is right on the mark. Something that we can give to the community to actually enjoy and have fun with cooking. I live on the food channel network and web sight and always finding myself having to alter the recipe to stick with in the confines of the zone/paleo diet. Please keep this kind of stuff coming. Very useful!!!!!


wrote …

You are the man, Nick.

I might not have been able to get my wife to try CrossFit yet, but at least she's appreciating my delicious nutritious cooking thanks to you.

Baby steps. We can build on good nutrition.

Keep them coming and thank you.


wrote …

Love it!


wrote …

I made this last night. I had a little bit of a time with cutting the chicken because I have never used a whole chicken before. But it was DELICIOUS!!!!! It is by far some of the best chicken I have made. It was well worth all of the prep and I was practically licking my fingers (ok, I kinda did). Thanks so much for this recipe and I look forward to trying out your other ones.


wrote …

These videos are awesome. Thanks Nick and keep 'em coming!


wrote …

Hey Nick
I'm liking all of your recipes. I was wondering is there any Paleo-friendly way to make chili. I've searched and found some, but I'd rather see it being cooked from you. A video would be gladly appreciated.



wrote …

Awesome video, Keep em coming! The grocery shopping one was particularly helpful too.

Question though- what setting are the pans at when you sear the chicken before throwing them into the oven?



wrote …

Hi, new to crossfit/Paleo and was wondering how the skin of the chicken fits in? Chances are our paleolithic brothers and sisters ate it, but is there any benefits to eating it?

Any replies would be appreciated and respected!

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