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More Than Scores by Mike Warkentin - CrossFit Journal

More Than Scores

By Mike Warkentin

In Competition, CrossFit Games

June 17, 2011

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Mike Warkentin presents a few of the great stories of the 2011 CrossFit Games Canada West Regional.

Angie Pye dominated the 2011 Canada West Regional, but my favorite memory of the CrossFit Taranis athlete wasn’t her joyous embrace with training partner Alicia Connors after the pair finished one-two overall. No, my favourite memory was created at the event after-party hosted by Craig (Patty) Patterson and CrossFit Vancouver.

With CrossFitters allowing themselves to cut loose after months of hard training, Nolan Crossman from CrossFit Regina decided to challenge Canada West’s top female to a posedown he knew he would lose. Pye, who has almost no body fat to speak of, reluctantly agreed, and as a result you can find a pretty cool picture of Angie out-flexing Nolan if you know where to look online.

The after-party was indeed one of the best parts of the weekend, with affiliates and athletes from four provinces coming together in a meeting of the tribes that put an exclamation point on a weekend of CrossFit, community and camaraderie. What follows are a few other shining moments and back stories that might not make the front page but certainly made the competition a special event indeed.

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2 Comments on “More Than Scores”


wrote …

Awesome article. It really is these moments that make the CrossFit community unique and special!


wrote …

This is a really nice article Mike, it's great that there are insightful people like you in the crowd to take the time to notice the "more than scores" stories. I think this is, at the base level, what crossfit is about.

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