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June 15, 2011

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After a violent tornado, Dawn South uses CrossFit training to aid stranded relatives.

On April 27, 2011, one of the nation’s worst natural disasters struck Alabama. Over 38 tornadoes tore through my state, with a powerful EF4 going right through the city where my in-laws lived.

We had no idea how bad it was until the next morning. On Facebook, my cousin was sending out messages:

“We are OK, but people are trapped here in Pleasant Grove.”

“No rescue, no news, nobody knows we’ve been hit!”

“No water, no way out.”



5 Comments on ““No Water, No Way Out””


Dane Thomas wrote …

You are the real deal, Dawn.

Thanks for sharing and giving us all some perspective.


Brandon Nugent wrote …

Thank-you for sharing this! Got chills reading it.


wrote …

Great story! I'm glad to hear everyone was ok when you arrived. Really touching


replied to comment from Dane Thomas

This is awesome. We have a 80+ year old client that CrossFit's (mobility and "functional movements" mostly.) She fell on the way into the gym and bumped her head really bad. She managed to pick her self up off the ground, hike upstairs to the Box, just to tell us she was not going to workout after the fall. Many felt sorry for her, but I celebrated. How many 80+ years olds can pick them selves up after a fall? Due to her CrossFitting and working on "fuctional movements", she was able to get up on her own. That is somthing to celebrate about. Dawn has proven once again, that CrossFit works. CrossFit is not a Fad. CrossFit can and will save your life or the ones you love someday. Way to go Dawn....YOU INSPIRE!


wrote …

Dawn, thanks for your tale, it was well told. I'm happy for your and your family, and hope the rebuilding is coming along rapidly. Paul

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