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What Is Perception? by Dr. Nicholas Romanov - CrossFit Journal

What Is Perception?

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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June 24, 2011

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Dr. Nicholas Romanov, the creator of the Pose Method, delves deeper into the nature of perception.

According to Romanov, unlike our physical abilities, our perception is “limitless,” and it is the one thing we can change and develop.

“A whole movement, development in this case, comes to developing your ability to perceive,” he says.

To define perception, Romanov says, “It includes senses, feelings, ideas, thoughts, theories.” Concept is its “final point” and allows you to see differences. Perception is “your ability to understand the difference.”

“You perceive what you conceptualize,” Romanov says. Models are based on perception and concept.

For instance, Romanov describes the process of learning the Pose Method.

“Pose is a concept of how running should happen,” he says. According to him, your perception can help you make decisions about your running by comparing it to the model and providing feedback.

“This is an endless process,” Romanov says.

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Additional reading: The Basics of Pose Running Techniques by Brian MacKenzie, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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5 Comments on “What Is Perception?”


wrote …

Inspired by these videos, I've bought Dr. Romanov's POSE METHOD OF RUNNING on Amazon, and I recommend it highly. The first part will be familiar to CrossFitters, as he makes his case for the POSE, in terms of remedying injuries, poor mechanics, and inhibited performances, but when he gets into coaching the method per se, the book is indispensable.

These videos certainly depict Dr. Romanov as an expansive thinker, albeit one sometimes hard to follow. Don't worry; the book is laid out in very simple, concrete terms, with a broad based logic running through the chapters. I'm on the subject of all the things the POSE is NOT, and the 800's on today's Main Site WOD have been my best runs in some time.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Nice find Thomas. I have been up on Dr. Romanov's material for some time now and it has help my runniing greatly, as well as my ability to teach it. The concept of perception is definitely the hardest to grasp. For me, it all came down to just repeating the drills, along with my training partner's critique. For me, perception means being able to feel when I am doing something wrong (like landing too much on my toes, pulling too far out back, or not pulling fast enough to coordinate with my fall), and being able to correct it on the spot. And again, the more I practice the POSE drills, the better my perception becomes.


wrote …

I could listen to Dr. Romanov all day, more please.



wrote …

thank you doctor romanov!


wrote …

I second Cherie's commment, Dr. R's insights into movement are fascinating.

I enjoy it most when you see the insights of different folks, from different perspectives, all arriving at a common destination. My wife is a Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, and keeps saying "yes, that's what Feldenkrais teaches, too." Cool.

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