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June 04, 2011

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Today, Pat Sherwood is in Golden, Colo., to meet members of the CrossFit community. Sherwood turns the mic over to Nicole Christensen from CrossFit Roots, who is interviewing Jon Barba at a Level 1 Trainer Course hosted by the Colorado State Patrol Academy.

In Part 1, Barba discusses the academy’s long history of hosting Level 1s.

“When people leave here, they truly have an understanding of what CrossFit is and are really at least given the opportunity to be much better at those nine basic movements that seem to be the cornerstone of all of these great things that you see on the main site,” he says.

CrossFit is so important to the academy because it is its principle strength-and-conditioning program for cadets. Barba shares how he found CrossFit and how he brought it to the academy. The benefits were obvious.

“Not only were (the cadets) able to fight longer and harder, but they recovered faster,” he says.

In Part 2, Barba shares how CrossFit has made him better at other sports like mixed martial arts and football. He stresses how important nutrition is to his fitness and wishes he had cleaned up his diet earlier.

“It’s been all the difference for me,” he says.

Now recovering from an ACL injury, Barba says CrossFit “saved my life.” CrossFit provided the tools to help him face surgery and recovery and provided him with goals to work his weaknesses.

Part 1:
15min 03sec

Part 2:
6min 44sec

Additional reading: Working Wounded by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2005.

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3 Comments on “Sherwood Chronicles: Community Member Jon Barba”


wrote …

Loved his commentary regarding training while injured etc. This Tuesday will be four weeks post op from knee surgery for me and I have really used it as an excuse to be lazy. The fact of the matter is that my real areas of weakness aren't ones that require the use of my knee to train. Timing is everything and this clip couldn't have come at a better time.

Pat and team, thanks for another great piece.


wrote …

You're talking crazy Pat, there is never enough Pat Sherwood!


wrote …

Jon, you are the epitome of what this great community is about. Hats off to you sir. So glad you got to share you story. Just an all around awesome dude!

and kudos to Nicole on excellent interview skills!

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