Springtime Smoothie

By Shirley Brown and Alyssa Dazet

In Kids

June 07, 2011

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Kids love smoothies, as do we, but we don’t like all the sugar, dairy and junk in ones from the smoothie bars.

If you are living the Paleo lifestyle and your kids are begging you for a smoothie, grab the blender and these few ingredients. The only sugars the smoothie contains are natural ones found in the fruit, and it’s dairy-free. This smoothie will cool your kids down and put a smile on their faces.



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The best coconut milk by far is the thai kitchen stuff you can find in the asian section in cans. Nothing else tastes as good, and there's no extraneous junk in it either.


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are you against milk?


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Rami: The writer is not against milk. Just that a paleo diet doesn't involve dairy products. I guess most of our ancestors didn't now what to do with the bloated udders when they hunted down a nursing mammoth/boar/deer.

Interesting recipe. But including lunch meat to up the protein sounds a tad nasty. :). Will probably break from Paleo and sub that with a protein powder instead.



replied to comment from Madhusudhan Aravindhakshan

They're not suggesting including lunch meat IN the smoothie.

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