Work or Work Out?

By Dr. Allison Belger

In Affiliation

June 06, 2011

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It’s easy to find time to work out if you own a gym—or is it? Dr. Allison Belger talks to affiliate owners about how they find balance in their busy lives.

Imagine how clean your clothes would be if you owned a dry-cleaning business. Or maybe if you were a CrossFit affiliate owner, you would be in awesome shape all the time, because, after all, you would own your gym.

The reality is it takes a lot of time and energy to run a successful CrossFit affiliate that attracts and retains members. Many affiliate owners have other jobs and commitments that demand time and resources, making the venture more challenging. So what happens to busy affiliate owners’ efforts to walk the talk? Is it possible for them to work out with the consistency that’s required? Might it be especially frustrating for the leaders of these large gym communities—who inspire hundreds of athletes every day to make choices that improve their quality of life—to realize they sometimes don’t have time in their day or energy in their systems to make those same choices for themselves?

Intrigued by these questions, I sent an informal e-mail questionnaire to owners of some of CrossFit’s largest gym communities: Andy Petranek, C.J. Martin, Kelly Starrett and TJ Belger.



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wrote …

Great article, I train a group of about 40-50 kids/adults along with a full time job and find it hard to squeeze in workouts also. Luckily, my job does have some benefits that allow more time than the trainers in the article. My question is do any of these coaches train w/ some of their advanced clients especailly those that have shown an interest in taking their training knowledge to the next level. They say one of the best ways for some to really learn is to teach others and I find that w/ advanced groups you can give them the onus of teaching/assisting the class and it helps the whole group. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Johnny Di Gregorio wrote …

Fantastic Article.

Before opening my affiliate I had a few phone calls with Andy P for some guidance. He advised me that I should start the gym with the intention and direction of building towards a life that I want 5 years from now.
I told him that in the beginning I would be teaching all the classes myself while handling the business. He warned me about burning out. I doubt him and disregarded his advice. 1 year into my business, I was teaching 40 classes weekly, training for sectionals, and still trying to figure out how to manage my growing affiliate. I wasn't just burnt out.. I was Char-Broiled!

I enlisted Andy's advice once more and he is now my business mentor. Because of his help, my life has become more organized. I have been forced to manage: running an affiliate that has doubled in gross over the last 3 months, working with prospective members, getting married in July, owning a home, 2 English Bulldogs (for those that know, its just as tough as kids!), and training to qualify for Oly Nationals. Keeping my fiance filled with quality time is the hardest part! My goal is to always keep her wanting to marry me. My Fiance is a LAUSD Teacher, so the fire is always lit under my tush to make my business provide for us because she may lose her job at any time.

I manage my time and compress my work into a concentrated manor that gets my job done so much better than before.

I have also created a wonderful staff of coaches and associates that make the gym run well.

This is fantastic article! These leaders all offer some serious advice that should be framed over the computer desk of every affiliate owner.

Time management and delegation are so important. I dictate my schedule and the success of my business. I am not a slave to my business. You need a template and you need to stay strict to it. Guidelines and limitations. Know when it is okay to turn your phone off and step away. Block out the time in your schedule to train yourself and dont allow for it to be compromised. It motivates you to get work done more efficiently so you will have time to manage the unknown things that walk through your door.

Believe it or not, I actually have an hour in my daily schedule blocked out to deal with unexpected things that come in.

Thank you for your guidance.


wrote …

For me has been really an issue this, I open my box at 6 am, lunch from 1pm to 4 pm, then afternoon clases 4 to 9 pm... cant find the time.
Here in Mexico the crossfit is a real hard work against the classic GYM, so I spend a lot of time out, bring new clients to the free sessions, explain to them the theory, etc.

HARD WORK, but this past few months NOT to much HARD WORKOUTS...

sorry for my english.. hope you understand..

Great article.


wrote …

I've been a CFLA client for many years. I work out with Andy and the other instructors in the regularly scheduled classes on a pretty frequent basis. Andy is an inspirational leader and to me he demonstrates his belief and commitment in the results his gym can deliver by participating in classes with gym members. From my perspective I think it would be a very different experience belonging to a Crossfit gym where the owner and/or primary instructor was not "eating his own cooking", so to speak.

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