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July 19, 2011

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“We’ve got CrossFit’s best and brightest coaches with their best and brightest athletes. We’re challenging these guys,” says Jon Gilson, owner of Again Faster. “We programmed this to expose weaknesses. So they’re competing this weekend. They’re getting coached on technique this weekend.”

Gilson continues: “I wanted to foster team unity, and I wanted to give these guys a chance to prepare for the Games.”

CrossFit New England hosted the Again Faster Team Summit in Natick, Mass., and athletes traveled from around the world to attend. The elite coaching staff included CrossFit Gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker, CrossFit HQ’s Dave Castro and Nicole Carroll, Original Firebreather Greg Amundson, Jason Leydon from CrossFit Endurance, and Olympic Weighlifting coaches Mike Burgener and Chad Vaughn.

In Part 1, watch the athletes compete in their first workouts and get coached by the specialists.

In Part 2, the athletes soak in Amundson’s positive self-talk and take on more workouts, including rowing a 2K at the C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championships. Find out the overall male and female winners of the competition, complete with a gladiator-style tiebreaker.

“Let’s face it: these guys are the future of CrossFit. These guys are awesome,” Amundson says.

Part 1
29min 46sec

Part 2
25min 11sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Forging Elite Leadership by Greg Amundson, published April 18, 2011.

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Part 1:
Part 2:


12 Comments on “The Again Faster Team Summit”


wrote …

It was a great experience being around an All Star cast that weekend. I really enjoyed Greg Amundson's talk the most and getting to know him. Classy and super motivated guy to be around.


wrote …

The Team Summit was one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks so much to all the athletes, coaches, and sponsors that came out and made it possible. I love you guys.

Dave, Nicole, Greg, Coach B., Tuck, Jason, Chad, and Erin, you guys made this thing. Myself and the athletes are forever indebted to you for an amazing weekend, and I'm proud to know each and every one of you.

Team Again Faster, you're all heart, courage, and commitment. To those of you headed to the Games, you've earned your spot a hundred times over. To those who didn't make it, it doesn't change a thing. You're still the best.

Tracy from C2, Lisa from Inov-8, Art from Barleans, Steve from Steve's Club/Paleo Kits, Ryan from Forged, Moe and Jon from Beyond the Whiteboard, Ben, Heather, Mat, and Mel at CFNE, and Jason at Wright Rubber, you have my lasting gratitude. We never could've pulled this off without your support.

To our media guys, the tireless, camera-hauling, "I've watched this 45 times" contingent, you are the reason we can share this with the world. Patrick, Rob, Wade, and Ian, you rock. We'll get you a Webby some day.

Finally, to everyone that supports Again Faster, buying our equipment, watching our videos, following us on social media: thank you so much. You are the engine of Again Faster. We appreciate you more than you could know.

Every one of you is proof that the CrossFit Community is a unstoppable force for good. Keep kicking ass.




wrote …

This was such an amazing event. I can't thank Jon enough for allowing me to be there and helping out with all those great athletes. It was great meeting and hanging with everyone. Thanks Jon for putting this together!


wrote …

Wow, never thought I could learn so much in under 9 minutes, can't even imagine what an awesome experience participating in this must have been!

I keep telling people that beyond the games, prizes, amazing growth, etc. what makes CrossFit so incredible is the COMMUNITY OF KNOWLEDGE this movement has fostered, and what this is doing for fitness and health worldwide. Keep fostering and sharing this type of event, please. And thank you!


wrote …

Not sure whether it is totally appropriate for an individual who is responsible for programming the Games to participate as part of the "elite coaching staff" in a summit limited to only a small group of competitors for those same games. I'll assume that nothing untoward was said or done; nonetheless, it is the appearance of a conflict that needs to be avoided in all instances, particularly given the stakes.


wrote …

Getting to work with Coach B and Chad Vaughn must have been awesome. Just watching Chad lift on video was way cool.


wrote …

#5..and the tahoe summit too? i dont understand, this was in the winter time, the games are in july? anyway, nicole carrol and coach b, thats awesome, oh yeah and everybody else too!!!


wrote …

This was an extremely well executed event and great experience for all. Honored to have been asked to be a small part of it. The media was also on top of the game and reflected the pulse of the weekend. Love to watch all these fine folks talk, interact, and play out their passions. My hat is off to all of you. The series of videos and information that has been funneled from Again Faster to the CF community has been fun to watch and informative.

Dear Thomas, to be clear. There was no one on the coaching staff who plays a roll in programming of the games in any respect. Us coaches were merely asked to be there to coach and lend a hand to athletes. So no conflict exits that play any role in regards to the games, for stakes or otherwise.




wrote …


Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your response and insight. By way of explaining my concern, the description of the video states that "the elite coaching staff included. . . CrossFit HQ's Dave Castro and Nicole Carroll." Dave Castro is shown in the video. Mr. Gilson, above, thanks both Mr. Castro and Ms. Carroll so they must have been active at the summit, even if they are not seen much in the video.

In any event, I [apparently] mistakenly believed that Mr. Castro participated in the Games programming. My bad. To the extent neither he nor Ms. Carroll have any role whatsoever in programming, then I would agree there is no conflict of interest. Still, I think even the appearance of a conflict should in all instances be scrupulously avoided.




wrote …

Ben Bergeron and myself did all the programming for the Summit. And I'm pretty sure they're the exact WODs you'll see next week... ;)


wrote …

It was an amazing event to be sure, even from a purely journalistic perspective....I was just observing. Even still, I learned a TON from all these amazing coaches just by being present...and made some great new friends with athletes and coaches alike. Chad Vaughn is the MAN. Well done Jon, fantastic event.


wrote …

Great videos.

If I could just make one comment though, your cameraman desperately needs to hone his interviewing skills. Take a few pages out of Sevan's book - his ability to ask the right questions at the right time, with clarity, is what makes his interviews, and consequently his videos, so compelling.

But I look forward to watching more Again Faster films in the future. Keep up the good work!

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