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Grip Strength With Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi by Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi - CrossFit Journal

Grip Strength With Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi

By Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi

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July 18, 2011

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“I think one of the things that naturally happens in CrossFit is a great adaptation to grip strength,” says CrossFit gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker. “Whether it be picking up a barbell with a hook grip or grabbing a log or flipping a tire, how we grab that rope and pull with it, how we grab the bar—all of these things are important to us in that adaptation of strength for that grip.”

Tucker discusses the thumb-around grip for a stronger and more secure hold.

“Thumb’s really important. Learn to use it. Learn to get some adaptation there for strength for that hand. It’s going to just make all the other stuff that you do from a ring dip to a rope climb that much better,” he says.

Bassi demonstrates how to use tools for building grip strength, including rock-climbing finger holds, double ropes and monkey bars.

“The stronger you get, start to amp it up a little bit,” Bassi says.

For instance, if you can do dead-hang pull-ups using finger grips, try an L-sit pull-up.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: You Can’t Lift What You Can’t Hold On To by Tony Young, published Feb. 1, 2008.

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9 Comments on “Grip Strength With Jeff Tucker and Jeannie Bassi”


wrote …

Great video! That gym is awesome, where is it? I need to visit some day.


wrote …

I agree that set up is SICK!!!


wrote …

THAT - is hells half acre...


wrote …

Gotta give GSX some love!


wrote …

I love it when I have those "DUH" moments, when you learn something that seems so inuitive, but isn't. Thanks CF Journal for keeping me full of them.


wrote …

great little vid ! thanx guys.


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-reminds me of when my Dad would take me to the beach when I was a little girl in CA to "play" on the jungle gym, rings, and ropes they had set up-time to get into it-loved the video!


wrote …

That gym is unreal!!! The information presented is great! I think a lot times we lose sight of the fact that some of the best ways to work the little details like grip mean just going out and playing on monkey bars! Grip it and rip it!


wrote …

Holding onto coffee also helps develop grip strength.

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