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July 28, 2011

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Emily Beers has a “CrossFit moment” on the eve of the CrossFit Games.

We hear it all the time: CrossFit isn’t like other sports. CrossFitters are always proclaiming that what truly epitomizes CrossFit are the ordinary people living out their own extraordinary story every day in every box around the world.

But when you get a group of elite athletes together, like at the athletes reception on Wednesday, July 27, sometimes our instinctive competitive human nature takes over, and the CrossFit message gets temporarily lost in the shuffle.

When I arrived at the reception on Wednesday evening, it felt kind of backward. It looked suspiciously like an NBA all-star game, a room filled with extraordinary athletes suddenly feeling pretty ordinary, a basketball court hosting a team of top scorers who are about to have a mediocre game because their teammates are so exceptional.

Yep, there was certainly an element of the reception that felt like a middle-school dance: humbling and downright intimidating.

But then Reebok took the podium ... .

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3 Comments on “Before the Competition Takes Over”


wrote …

Nicely written Emily :)


wrote …

Thanks - I find it inspiring to learn of the success that CrossFit brings to its participants from the every day person to the elite athlete. This is cool stuff.


wrote …

Em this made me tear up when I read it. Great job!

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