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The Story of CrossFit Legacy by Brian Yoak - CrossFit Journal

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July 29, 2011

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The winner of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open and Central East Regional, Dan Bailey splits his time training at his home gym and at CrossFit Legacy in Barberton, Ohio. Get a peek into CrossFit Legacy and its community.

Brian Yoak, owner of CrossFit Legacy, says the secret to his success has been getting new clients in the door.

“From the very beginning, I’ve offered free classes on Saturday,” Yoak says. “And that has been our sole source of marketing for CrossFit Legacy.” The trainer says he’s seen steady growth from this policy.

Opening a box in a small town was a challenge for Yoak, but he says he’s made it into a full-time job and has pulled clients from surrounding towns. He says he took to heart Coach Glassman’s philosophy of working to become a better coach rather than chasing money.

Yoak describes how he found CrossFit and became an affiliate owner.

“It’s been an exciting run over the past four years,” he says. “Just to see the lives we’ve changed in the process—to see people lose weight and get stronger and gain confidence. It’s just been a fun journey.”

He continues: “I really came up with the name CrossFit Legacy because I wanted to be able to leave a legacy of health and wellness for my kids. CrossFit Legacy is going to continue to evolve, to grow. It’ll be exciting to see what continues to happen because of the people that are here.”

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Additional reading: Virtuosity by Greg Glassman, published Aug. 1, 2005.

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4 Comments on “The Story of CrossFit Legacy”


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

This was fantastic-I really needed to hear that being a better coach was more important than chasing money, which has always been the driving force behind what I do. Three years ago I left a comfortable life living in an affluent country club setting working at their athletic club to start my own business. Many upheavals since then-not everyone followed me where I went, My marriage ended, I packed up my car with the dog and most of my equipment which took two trips and moved an hour and half away to a smaller, less affluent city. I commute daily, over several hours to bring unique training to my clients and am moving towards my Level 1, where I want to bring it all together. I still have a lot of anxiety as to whether I'm following the right path, but if Brian can do it, so can I. Truly inspiring.


wrote …

Fantastic profile on Brian and CF Legacy. I'm proud to call that gym my home, and to call Brian my friend and coach!


wrote …

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I'm proud to say I started my Crossfit Journey at Legacy. Brian is a phenomenal coach and a great man. I've learned a great deal from Brian and continually call on him for advice (because I was spawned in the incubator). Keep up the good work Buddy.


wrote …

Love to see this story of our gym! Brian is a superb coach and we have a wonderful community of members at CF Legacy! Thanks Brian!

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