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CrossFit Changed My Life: Patrick James by Patrick James - CrossFit Journal

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July 17, 2011

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“Everybody is proficient in one exceptional lift—and it’s the fork,” says CrossFitter Patrick James. “It used to be my favorite lift, but it is not anymore.”

Patrick James of CrossFit Peachtree City lost 107 lb. over 41 weeks. He also shed 102 points off his total cholesterol. Now, James is a CrossFit trainer himself and is bringing CrossFit to others.

James said the weight gain started in college when he went from linebacker to lineman and struggled to put on the weight he needed for the position. But after college, things were a different story.

“Well, they don’t teach you as a college athlete how to lose weight when you retire, so you just keep gaining and gaining and gaining and as you get older … your mind writes a check that your body can’t cash,” James says.

James tried CrossFit on and off at the recommendation of his son Michael, but when left to his own routine James couldn’t stay consistent. The turning point for him came when his son reminded him of a Bible passage in Corinthians that calls the body a temple. He then took Michael’s challenge to work out for 365 days and showed up at CrossFit Peachtree City the very next day.

“CrossFit has given me years back,” James says.

You can follow James’ progress at his personal blog,

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 134 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 25, 2010.

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21 Comments on “CrossFit Changed My Life: Patrick James”


wrote …

Awesome work Patrick. We are proud of your accomplishments. It was really impressive to see the videos that showed the transformation that we have all witnessed. Thanks for representing our box.



wrote …

Amen brother! Great job! Thanks for the testimony and inspiration.


wrote …

Great job!!! Keep up the hard work..


wrote …

You are the man Patrick. Great interview and vid Sevan & Haley.


wrote …

Great testimony, quite unusual to hear in the community. Keep it up its nice to hear.


wrote …

Very inspiring Patrick! I can relate to your story because it is me. We are the same age, height, weight... I too was very humbled(and still today) when I do a 42 min Fran. I also realized that if I keep coming and not worry about time yet, I will get to the point where time is a factor. Thank you for your testimony.


wrote …

God bless you man! You are an inspiration.

To CrossFit: Thank you for finally posting videos of Christians in the CrossFit community.


wrote …

Since most people in the United States are Christians, it is likely that you have seen videos of plenty of Christians in CrossFit video. Patrick just happened to mention his motivation as coming from the New Testament, thereby suggesting that he is a Christian. Personally, I prefer that people keep their religious views to themselves. I don't see any harm in Patrick's mentioning a particular passage from the Bible as motivation, but I hope we don't see any more religious content in Crossfit videos or otherwise on the Crossfit site.


replied to comment from Andrew Temin

Thanks for saying it out loud and diplomatically Andrew, I am in full agreement.


wrote …

Cool vid. I have two things to say.

First I take this as more great motivation as I am a 45 year old single father just starting out in an attempt to get back into shape after being seriously injured two years ago and gaining 50 pounds and ending up in a sad state physically. I too was motivated by my son, more in an effort to keep up but still he was the spark. Like Patrick my faith is central to me and serves to give me strength to attack my goals.

The same strength that helped me face my injuries after being pummeled by four guys with a baseball bat that left the left side of my face crushed and severe damage to my back, ribs and internals. I was very fortunate then and very fortunate again to find crossfit. I don't have a box by me so I am doing the garage thing and reading and viewing as much material as I can on here and on and God willing I will someday be able to post a story as inspiring as Patrick's.

To Andrew, while I understand your view I tend to think comments like yours usually act as an intimidation tactic to keep others from sharing how their faith influences their journey and I think that would be unfortunate. Personally I want to hear the whole story, if that includes how faith (in any God) pushed you to achieve your goals than that is a good thing and if it doesn't than that is good too. Just my 2 cents.


wrote …

PJ - awesome story and great work on your incredible physical change! Great to hear about your faith in your testimony, truly inspiring! Keep it up!!


wrote …

Thanks for the great video Sevan. It was amazing to see my dad's whole story in retrospect in a journalistic format, even though I've been with him the whole way through his journey -- I had almost forgotten what he was like in the beginning.

Also, thanks for all who've helped my dad along the way -- especially Coach Ric and the folks at CrossFit PTC. It has been a real testament to the strong and genuine bonds of the CrossFit community. To see people of all shapes, sizes, locations, coming together for a common goal - and seeing it accomplished! After all, isn't that why we do what we do? Setting goals and striving to reach them!

Dad, I'm very proud of you and exciting to know you're doing so well. I'm looking forward to the next 45 years knowing that you'll be healthy and able to keep living life to the fullest, not limited by any physical condition that is within your influence. Thanks for all you've taught me through this.


wrote …

Thanks for sharing your story, Patrick. Taking control of your life. I am on a similar journey. 65 pounds in 90 days on Jan 2010. Crossfit and the awesome Crossfit community support keeps me going. Seeing people come into the crossfit gym and change their life is a heart warming expirience. Turning 50 in 2 weeks and taking care of the body, mind and spirit that God gave me and never feeling better.


wrote …

That was an awesome video, really enjoyed it and I will use this as a motivator for myself and others as well. Thanks PJ!

I think that if you repress what inspires people because it is not your own personal belief you are restricting the potential power of the transformation for yourself and others due to your own prejudice. Restricting what is helping people because it is religious, spiritual, or emotional is not what I have understood Crossfit to be about.


wrote …

Patrick, cool story, brother. And, I have a feeling you already know about the following:

"Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come." 1 Timothy 4:8

It's good to train hard to be in shape physically. I remember the first WOD that made me puke (it was Cindy). However, how often do I bail when it gets tough with my wife? Play with my young boys after a long night of work?

Speaking of work, I'm a police officer. Here's a crazy thing: I see guys run straight to the sound of gunfire, but cower when their marriage is burning in flames. I say, bring that courage home, men!

The more you hold your temper, the more you say your sorry, the more you don't lust, the more you tell the truth, the more you don't steal, the more you keep your word, the more you keep the law, the more you forgive, the more you extend grace, the more you listen, the more you give....the stronger you are.

Love is a muscle too...for that, Jesus is my coach.

(Patrick, thanks for inspiring my first post)


Rob Barrese wrote …

That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing Patrick!


wrote …

Patrick and I went through our L1 together and believe me this dude gets it.

Way to put CrossFit into perspective Patrick. It is about changing and saving lives. God bless.


wrote …

War Patrick!!!! Great story and great inspiration. And because this isn't government, no need to seperate Church and State. Say it loud and say it proud. God Bless you


wrote …

Great story. Congratulations on your journey Patrick.

I'll be running that 5K with you this year.

It is very refreshing to see someone give credit to God for their motivation as all motivation should be based on God's desire for our lives.
Pay no attention to those who argue for a separation of Church and Crossfit. That makes no sense. I wish more christian's were more forthcoming in their faith.


replied to comment from Andrew Temin

I prefer people not curse a blue streak. I enjoy most of the videos until the participants, or the background song, begins to let go with vulgar language. I'm thankful our "box" has lots of Christians.


wrote …

Well done sir. Be yourself.

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