CrossFit Kids Goes to Middle School

By Debbie Rakos and Dan Edelman

In Kids

July 07, 2011

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Dan Strametz and Debbie Rakos take the CrossFit Kids program out of the box and into the education system.

It’s raining in Ramona, Calif.

Used to be not so common an occurrence. Used to be tinderbox dry for months on end. And then the Santa Ana winds would kick up, a spark would be struck and the county would burn.

At Olive Pierce Middle School (OPMS), such musings are far from the minds of the kids working the machines packed inside the Body Shop, the campus’ weight room. Trainers Debbie Rakos and Dan Strametz ensure proper usage of the machines and bide their time because in just about a decent Fran time, a familiar hue and cry is raised: “We’re bored. We wanna do CrossFit!”

Neither Rakos nor Strametz is particularly surprised. After all, the program is called “CrossFit Kids in the Body Shop.” And this pilot program’s success bodes well for CrossFit Kids’ expansion into school districts elsewhere.



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wrote …

Great article Dans and Debbie.

And really great to see the work you're doing out in the community.


Jeff Martin wrote …

Great article guys. Love seeing your experiences detailed in the Journal.


wrote …

I wish they had this when I went to OPMS.

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