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July 18, 2011

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James Hobson starts a rec league for athletes in the Atlanta area. Jack Goodson reports.

James Hobson was frustrated.

CrossFit Addiction, Hobson’s own slice of sweat and dreams in the Atlanta, Ga., suburb of Kennesaw, had enjoyed good success in its first year of operation. Yet its owner felt CrossFit, as a sport, could offer so much more to its audience.

Hobson wanted to act. So he sat down and wrote.

He emptied his frustration into an article-turned-email later sent to affiliate owners across Atlanta. He spoke of developing CrossFit at the grassroots level. He stressed interaction, not only with clients but also—and particularly—among gyms.

How then to move forward? His plan was simple but audacious. In the vein of, say, parks-and-recreation softball or basketball, Hobson envisioned a sports league that would span the greater Atlanta area.

That was three years ago. Fast-forward to the present, and Hobson has transformed his dream into a reality.

The Atlanta Affiliate League is now live. And thriving.

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5 Comments on ““Dude, This Is a League Game””


wrote …

Great idea, wish they did something similar in the St Louis area


Ben O'Grady wrote …

Brilliant idea, I'd love to see a competitive CrossFit league in my area (central Florida). I would definitely participate.


wrote …

Wow, what a great idea. I could see this growing to a national level. Each large metro area could use the intramural leagues as a "farm" league to build a Major league team which could compete like every other Major league sport. Culminating in another National Games competition. Or it could just spread as is and that would be cool too.


wrote …

If you want a league in your area, I'll be glad to help you out as much as possible and answer questions. Just shoot me an email and we'll grow this thing nationwide!


wrote …

As a member of one of the teams that participated in this League, I have to say it was an awesome idea, indeed. We had tons of fun and looked forward to each weekly workout. Plus, I got to meet some really cool people from other affiliates.

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