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July 25, 2011

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Four-time CrossFit Games competitor Peter Egyed is also the owner of CrossFit Fury, whose affiliate team he will be coaching at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. Egyed shares his perspective as an affiliate owner and what has worked for him to bring in new clients.

Egyed said he experimented with different methods to introduce new athletes to CrossFit. He first tried fundamentals classes but found they were still insufficient to prepare athletes for classes where new members would be expected to keep up with others.

“It wasn’t safe for them. It wasn’t efficient for our classes,” he says.

Upon the advice of one of his members, Egyed decided to make it easier for new athletes to begin CrossFit, and he started the Basics program. CrossFit Fury offers Basics classes three times a week, and the program focuses on body-weight movements, mobility and nutrition—not barbell training or advanced gymnastics.

“It’s proven very effective for their results. It’s proven very effective for us as a business model because people are just joining left and right, and it’s very easy for people to join—they just start paying a monthly membership,” Egyed says. The effectiveness is in the simplicity of the program. “There’s no real, you know, on-ramp procedure that they need to go through,” he says.

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Additional reading: Second Chances—CrossFit Works, Part 2 by Peter Egyed and Kevin O’Malley, published Feb. 6, 2010.



6 Comments on “Peter Egyed the Coach: Part 1”


wrote …

I can't wait to watch the "Bomb Squad" in Carson next weekend...!

The coaching crew at Fury is top notch and they drive results period.


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-Peter's approach to coaching new people to succeed in regular CrossFit WOD's helps me as a coach with future plans to affiliate


wrote …

Great video of a great business model. What's really impressive is that it came about because he listened to his customers and changed his model rather than trying to force the market to adjust to the normal or prevalent crossfit model. Way to adapt!


wrote …

Very solid video and great idea. It definitely makes sense. I've worked with a group of moms who say other moms are intimidated to join because they feel they wouldn't be able to keep up with the ones that have been training with us for over a year. This approach seems like a great way to get more people involved. Thank you!


wrote …

Peter this is great, I plan to affiliate in the future and this makes so much more sense then the movements classes, maybe if a client feels ready to move into regular programming they would have to test out? I'm sure some people are willing to jump the gun but aren't quite there yet.. Do you have a solution to this?


wrote …


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