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July 03, 2011

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What was it like to experience the Europe Regional? Join Sevan Matossian on a journey through Reebok Stadium to witness the crowds, the athletes and the battle to get to the Home Depot Center in California.

In Part 1, Matossian interviews the athletes and organizers, catching the set-up and first day of competition.

Annie Thorisdottir is among the competitors although she is pre-qualified for the Games.

“You always gain something from a competition,” she says. “Of course, I’m hoping that nothing will surprise me, but better to get the surprise here than at the Games.”

Thorisdottir says she prepared for the competition as she would a weekend of tough workouts, without any tapering or working toward peak performance.

“I’m of course going to peak at the Games,” she says.

The early leaders among the women include Thorisdottir and Samantha Briggs. Among the men, Tuomas Vainio and Mikko Aronpää both vie for first and second.

Of course, the other Mikko, an organizer at the regional, will also be a fierce competitor at the Games. Says his coach and mentor Juha Kangasniemi, “I still think that he’s the most powerful engine in the world—nobody can beat him in the long, heavy met-cons … and that’s CrossFit.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 171 by Justin Judkins, published May 11, 2011.

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3 Comments on “The 2011 Europe Regional: Part 1”


wrote …

That was awesome. $25 a year to watch things like this? I would have paid $25 to watch this alone; totally motivational.


wrote …

Fantastic video Sevan, it was a pleasure to attend this event and to witness you do your work in person. I can't wait for part 2.


wrote …

Great stuff.

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