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The 2011 Europe Regional: Part 2 by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

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July 04, 2011

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What was it like to experience the Europe Regional? Join Sevan Matossian on a journey through Reebok Stadium to witness the crowds, the athletes and the battle to get to the Home Depot Center in California.

In Part 2, Matossian continues his coverage of the regional, interviewing the competitors and organizers and catching some of the high-intensity action.

Plenty of blood is spilled on the deadlifts and pull-ups, but many top competitors continue to crank out top performances. Tuomas Vainio continues to dominate with another first and a second-place finish in the workouts. Annie Thorisdottir (first) and Samantha Briggs (second) maintain the same placing on the workouts and overall through the second day.

Briggs says she doesn’t feel any pressure to perform.

“I enjoy doing CrossFit, so I’m here just because I love doing it. Obviously, I’d like to get out to L.A. again, and we’ll see what happens if I get out there,” she says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 171 by Justin Judkins, published May 11, 2011.

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