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July 05, 2011

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What was it like to experience the Europe Regional? Join Sevan Matossian on a journey through Reebok Stadium to witness the crowds, the athletes and the battle to get to the Home Depot Center in California.

In Part 3, Matossian wraps up his coverage of the Europe Regional with the third day of competition. The weather turns wet and the workouts are even more challenging.

Tuomas Vainio takes first despite losing the top spots in both of the final workouts. Mikko Aronpää edges in for a second-place finish overall after taking first in Amanda and third in the chipper. Elvar þór Karlsson takes third overall.

Annie Thorisdottir finishes in first despite losing to Samantha Briggs in Amanda, and Briggs takes a solid second place overall. Jenny Jacobsen and Helga Torfadóttir are on to the Games as well.

Thorisdottir says she’s glad she competed in the regional.

“You always need to get the confidence back every once in awhile—this is definitely helping with that,” she says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 171 by Justin Judkins, published May 11, 2011.

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wrote … video and interviews! Please wear a mic so we can hear the questions!



wrote …

I'll second that - it's really hard to hear questions, so you turn it up and then the person infront of the camera speaks and its really loud!!!
Great Vid - wish I had gone to it to watch!

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