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July 06, 2011

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CrossFitter John Post is a teammate of Eric Bach on the ABC series Expedition Impossible. He and his sister Stephanie share their story and that of his team.

Post says he grew his trademark mustache as a fundraiser for Movember, an event held every November to raise awareness for men’s health. At the time, he was living in Australia, which gives rise to the team name “The Modern Gypsies,” chosen for its members’ frequent globetrotting.

“When we travel, we really want to get to know the culture and the people and the place and spend a lot of time, you know, feeling what it feels like to be in that place instead of just taking who you are in America to that place and just being an American in a foreign country,” Post says.

According to Post, “CrossFit was a huge part of our training.” While he was preparing for the competition, he was traveling around the U.S., but he says, “Everywhere I went there was a CrossFit gym that was willing to take me in and help me train.”

Post says he enjoys getting more people interested in CrossFit and Paleo/primal eating. He and his sister even bought their own farm to produce their own food.

“I’m really excited to see how we do, and I think that we’re going to make the CrossFit world proud,” Post says.

Expedition Impossible premiered on June 23 on ABC. You can find out more about Post’s team at

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Additional reading: CrossFit to Go by Lindsay Yaw, published June 1, 2005.

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