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We’re Buddies by Larry Myers Jr. - CrossFit Journal

We’re Buddies

By Larry Myers Jr.

In LEO/Mil, Videos

July 20, 2011

Video Article

The 2011 Iron Dog Challenge champion, CrossFitter Larry Myers Jr., works as a K-9 officer at the Orange County Sherriff’s office in Orange, Va. The challenge is an annual event held by the Danville Police Department and consists of a series of obstacles that officers and their K-9 partners must traverse.

Winning the challenge came as a surprise to Myers.

“People were asking if I was a gazelle and how did I do that—I didn’t believe it,” he says. “I felt I could have done better.”

Myers shows off his backyard CrossFit training facility, which he admits is “minimalist.” He has self-constructed pull-ups bars, a “rope” made of chain, and tractor tires for tire flips, drags and even box jumps. His barbells are old and rusted, but he doesn’t mind.

“The greatest thing about having old weights is you can throw them everywhere you want. You don’t have to worry when they break. You don’t care,” he says.

CrossFit has been another bonding experience for Myers and his K-9 partner, Loki. They work out together, with Myers holding his dog while squatting, and the pair start workouts with a long run. The officer says CrossFit has improved his cardiovascular endurance so that he can communicate with his dog and his colleagues while in the heat of a chase.

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Additional reading: Police Training by Greg Glassman, published March 1, 2003.

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5 Comments on “We’re Buddies”


wrote …

Cool story. It's nice to see someone else from my neck of the woods, I am a bit northwest of Larry out around Winchester but it's pretty close. Hopefully someone will eventually open a box out in the area, but until then I do much as Larry does (although I have a lot more weight). Love the dog too. I sometimes use my dogs as weight also, I have a couple Saint Bernards.


wrote …

Excellent to see someone from Virginia, as David pointed out. Any time you want to come down to Blacksburg to workout, you're more than welcome!


wrote …

Cool story and video!


wrote …

Its good to see a another cop that cares about his fitness.


wrote …

Its great seeing a man and dog so willing to make those sacrifices up and beyond the call of duty. The folks in Orange County should be at ease when they make a call for help, 2-professionals will be sent. Working out with what you have is a new concept for me. In today’s economy it sure makes sense. Keep up the hard work and Thanks for being there when needed!

Wichita - Mike L

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