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July 23, 2011

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“The thought was, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to die,” says Jonathan Edwards. “The very next thought was my kids … . I can’t let them grow up without a dad.”

Jonathan Edwards was a police officer before he opened CrossFit North Alpharetta in Georgia. He relates the life-threatening experience that led to his career change.

Edwards describes how CrossFit helped him recover so quickly.

“In CrossFit, you tear down your body during a workout, right? You just completely annihilate yourself, and you’re left in a puddle of goo on the floor, right? Your muscles know what’s going on, and they repair themselves, right? So I’ve been doing that for three years, and my body knew what to do when trauma was introduced to it,” he says.

However, his recovery was not yet complete. Edwards was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy and CrossFit helped him get a handle on his life, and he made the decision to leave law enforcement and open his own CrossFit box.

Even though this endeavor had a slow start, growth has been exponential.

“As soon as people come in the door, man, the results speak for themselves,” Edwards says.

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10 Comments on ““I Can’t Let Them Grow Up Without a Dad””


wrote …

Good luck to you and your family.


wrote …

Very inspirational. Thanks Jonathan for your courage and conviction. Your family is lucky to have you. Best of luck with your endeavors.


wrote …

Great work and very inspirational, has helped me make my decision to open my gym.


wrote …

God bless and good luck to you and your family.


wrote …

Inspirational, the best of luck to you and your family.


wrote …

I am an Oregon State Trooper and CrossFit Coach at my local gym. This past saturday we hosted an event benefitting the Fallen Trooper Memorial Fund and a Sgt. out of Hillsboro P.D. that is dealing with overwhelming medical bills due to a dibilitating disease. I made a hero WOD dedicated to fallen Senior Trooper Maria Mignano EOW Sept. 2001. Her story is remarkable and I could not help but think the things she would have accomplished if she was still alive. Mr. Edwards you are a very brave man and I wish your family the best. I tell everyone that crossfit has literally saved my life several times while on duty. Looks like it did the same for you.


wrote …

Truly amazing story. Congratulations on your recovery and well-earned success. A motivation to all of us in LE community.


Rob Barrese wrote …

Thanks for sharing. Very glad your story had a happy ending. My best to you, your family and your business.


wrote …

Great story brother. Priorities are definately in order. Met your wife at the CFK cert,glad to see you guys are making it happen.


wrote …

Mr. Edwards I'm a police officer in North Carolina, and as a former Marine and police officer (next to God) the only thing I've seen that has benefitted warriors on all three tiers (mind, body, and soul) is Crossfit. I am attempting to get "my ducks" in a row to start my own box, and part of my drive is to get more officers invovled in Crossfit.

I thank God that you survived your encounter, and that you have now become an inspiration to others (not just cops) which is what we are all called to do. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made in uniform, and I thank you for all of the lives you are going to change out of uniform.


Bert Walker (Psalms 144:1)

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