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July 12, 2011

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In his cooking series, Denver’s Nick Massie prepares meals showing how to apply the CrossFit dietary prescription of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Today’s dish is kalua pork.

Kalua pork is Massie’s version of roasted pork in a Hawaiian luau style. He uses a pork shoulder and roasts it at 350 degrees for several hours. For the seasoning, he rubs salt, chopped garlic, liquid smoke and tamari sauce into a scored roast and wraps it in multiple layers of aluminum foil.

“What that’ll do is just make sure all the juices from this pork shoulder are going to stay in this package,” Massie says.

Next, Massie places the roast on a rack inside a four-inch hotel pan to increase airflow around the roast during cooking, and he then places the pan in the preheated oven. Massie also shows how fast he can prepare a simple salted roast wrapped in foil, and he bakes the roast for the same amount of time as the seasoned roast.

Once the roasts are fall-apart tender, Massie shreds them and mixes them with the juices that collected in the foil and at the bottom of the pan. The meat is ready for a meal, so Massie provides some serving suggestions.

Avoid watching this one on an empty stomach.

Download the recipe here: Kalua Pork.

6min 30sec

Additional reading: CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2004.



19 Comments on “Cooking With Nick Massie: Kalua Pork”


wrote …

Awesome series, my wife wondered how I made such good baked chicken earlier. Now pulled pork. This is great.


wrote …

Looks awesome Nick, can't wait to try and make this.


wrote …

In a Hawaiian "imu" (underground oven), banana stalks are laid down under the pig. So since I live in Arizona and can grow my own banana, I wrap my pork shoulder in banana leaves, then the tinfoil. The banana leaves add a lot of moisture to the meat. Good eats.


wrote …

:-) Been looking forward to this


wrote …

This looks great....I'm trying it this weekend!


wrote …

Can HQ or Nick please put the basics of the recipe in a downloadable (PDF?) format for us as well please? Just clicking to get the recipe on the Meatza and Salsa & Guac articles was nice. I watched the Chili Lime Chicken video like 4 times to write the recipe down. I'll qualify my need by saying I'm not a very good cook or a very smart person! Thanks.


wrote …

+1 for Aaron Brill


wrote …

I agree with the above two comments, I link or file with amount of ingrediants and cook times and number of servings would be great! I am terrible in the kitchen and need all the help and hand holding i can get!


wrote …

same again...PDF would be great


wrote …

Nick, Bravo!! Another great video. I check in here every day to see if there is a new one. You are seriously helping out my ability to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Thanks.


wrote …

Awesome! Keep this series going! I really impressed my girlfriend with the chili lime chicken and calabitas. I'm ready for the next one.


wrote …

It's in the oven now! Loved the Chili Lime Chicken and Calabasitas also. Looking forward to more!


wrote …

pork is in oven right now ! Can't wait :). Perfect series


wrote …

There was a short clip of some prepared meals in there...I think I saw a slice of avocado in one clip. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do with all of this pork?


wrote …

If we cook just one shoulder and not two like in the video...we still looking at a 6-7 hour cooking time?


wrote …

Whos house is that? Nice looking kitchen


wrote …

This recipe just won my non-paleo and zone eating parents over! Paired it with the tokyo slaw and ginger vingerette.It was awesome! Please keep the recipes coming.


wrote …

My wife and I cooked this today. I tastes amazing! thanks for the great vid!


wrote …

Can we we see how the slaw was made?

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