Outside the Games Bubble

By Emily Beers

In CrossFit Games

July 31, 2011

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Some people don’t do CrossFit, and Emily Beers discovers what they think of us and our antics.

The path to becoming a CrossFitter looks similar to most of us:

We rapidly get fitter, stronger, faster. We cut out gluten and sugar (although I’m still working on eliminating Skittles from my diet). We suddenly have more energy. We become addicted to personal bests.

Soon, we find that most of our friends are CrossFitters. We start dating a CrossFitter. We even develop a sort of CrossFit humor and jokes that make only CrossFitters laugh.

And sometimes we forget that our CrossFit bubble is just that—a world in a bubble. With a million dollars up for grabs this weekend and ESPN broadcasters on site, it often feels like CrossFit is officially mainstream. But there’s still a big world out there, and it’s full of people who haven’t heard of a thruster.

Never does this become more obvious than when you saturate one city with hundreds of CrossFit athletes, like this weekend in L.A.

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12 Comments on “Outside the Games Bubble”


wrote …

And this one made me laugh. We CrossFitters are an odd bunch!


wrote …

I saw the headline to the last segment and thought surely that's not what this was in reference to. I was wrong this is CrossFit--I should've known lol.


wrote …

"Pitching a tent" is too funny.


wrote …

Emily, that article was a gem, thanks!


wrote …

I picture a hotel manager looking at a stock room full of bagels scratching his head wondering what went wrong.

Great article-I hope to see more. Thanks.


wrote …

Haha this is great, all the time my friends are making fun of my EXTREME workouts, crazy obsessions with nutrition, and "those crazy things called WODs." I hope to read more. Thanks for writing.


wrote …

Hahaha awesome article, I live in Cancun, Crossfit it's something even more weird here, so when my neighbors pass by and watch me train in the backyard the give me the weirdest of the looks, now the tough kids on the street would not even look me in the eye when I cross them on the street. Im such a freak for them.


wrote …

I love it! Thanks a lot!


wrote …

So I haven't subscribed to Paleo eating just yet so forgive the ignorance, but why is heavy cream better for you?


wrote …

Bacon power! I can't wait to use the "fat doesn't make you fat" line. A great piece that keeps us all aware that the true enlightenment of how the world perceives health and fit-ness is yet to come.


wrote …

lmfao, that whole article had me in stitches, thanks for keeping the quotes with the accents. I could picture every word:)


replied to comment from Kevin Jordan

Kevin, I'm not diet expert by any means but I believe what she is saying is that for those that eat and/or drink dairy want the fat from the cream. I know a lot of low-fat or non-fat item (I don't know about creams, because I can't stand coffee) I see at the store have substitute something artificial for the fat. But I guess the whole idea behind the cream is more fat for energy.

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