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Urankar’s Peek at the Games Gear by Various - CrossFit Journal

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July 23, 2011

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“Basically, for the last about 10 years, every NFL, NHL and NBA jersey or shirt you would have seen anywhere came out of this building in some form or fashion—whether it was designed here, produced here or printed here,” says Chad Wittman, Reebok’s director of sports marketing fitness and training.

Now the 700,000-square-foot Reebok printing facility has been working overtime to produce the CrossFit Games gear for more than 500 athletes.

In Part 1, watch as Nick Urankar tries on the Games gear and talks with the Reebok employees who are making it happen. Find out what’s inside each athlete’s “black box,” what went into producing the custom gear, and what services will be available to the athletes at the Games.

In Part 2, tour the facility with Urankar; Wittman; Joe Cripe, vice-president of operations; and Blake Lundgren, the general manager. The Reebok printing facility will work in partnership with affiliates to produce custom clothing year round.

“For me, with Reebok jumping on, the biggest thing is getting it out there to a bigger public and letting people get in,” says Urankar. “I know there are a lot of people who say, ‘Keep it grassroots,’ and I feel like it’s always going to be that way.”

Part 1: 22min 9sec

Part 2: 12min 38sec

Additional reading: If the Shoe Fits … by Kevin Daigle, published Feb. 7, 2011.

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Part 1:
Part 2:


22 Comments on “Urankar’s Peek at the Games Gear”


wrote …

Very cool inside tour of Reebok's manufacturing factory and sneak peak of CrossFit Reebok gear for the athletes and the community. Reebok is definitely doing things right....honestly can't understand why someone would take issue with this partnership. Good things to come for everyone!


wrote …

games athletes are getting hooked up this year! wow!


wrote …

Somebody is being very generous with the athletes. Good thing they are putting numbers on the shorts for the guys. More than a few will be coming off during the WODS. :) Pretty exciting!


wrote …

Very impressive. Reebok setting the foundation of things to come for Crossfit and its athletes. Let the games begin :).


wrote …

It has always been very obvious, by the high prices, that CF loves its merchandise. Since Reebok has become involved, it even more apparent! Have you visited the CF store lately? $100 for a hoodie! What a joke! I have never been impressed by Reebok's merchandise!

The only thing CF has that is reasonable priced is the Journal.


wrote …

Reebok is doing an amazing job at treating the crossfit games athletes as they should be treated. I just hope we to loose that classic crossfit character out of the apparel.


wrote …

Yet another installment of Reebok propaganda in the least it's manufactured in the US of A. Will my $100 hoodie come with a custom box as well?


wrote …

If a Just-In-Time believer takes a look at this video, it would give them a heart attack. Reebok wouldn't have to charge so much for the clothing if they didn't have so much waste in their manufacturing plant.


All of the incredible information in the Journal for $25 and you're calling it reasonably priced? It's the best deal I've ever come across! Be greatful.


wrote …

Dear Reebok,
Sell me the Crossfit Shoes and weightlifting shoes. That is all.


wrote …

very cool to see Reebok hooking up the athletes like that


wrote …

Seriously though...When are the shoes coming!


wrote …

I wonder when we will see drug testing for the winners? I mean it is only a matter of time before athletes begin to use steroids (some may already) heavily once the prize money becomes substantial.
The day will come when it has to be done.


wrote …

The have been drug testing competitors since 2010, probably 2009 and maybe even before that.

Official Policy:


wrote …

Speaking strictly from a fashion perspective,I think it would be in Reebok's best interests to release their shoes to the public ASAP. I don't know about the other crossfitters in the world, but I don't think a reebok shirt and shorts would go well with a pair of INOV-8's. Just sayin.=-).


The Journal is the only thing reasonably priced? I think the WODs are a pretty good deal as well...

P.S. If you think $100 is a lot for a hoodie you're going to want to avoid a company called lululemon. There the people who make all those girl butts look really good.


wrote …

Wow! The prices for this stuff is outrageous. I wonder if the athletes would buy them if Reebok wasn't giving it to them. I'll stick to my Target tees and shorts. I mean they're just workout clothes. I really don't think their overpriced tees and shorts are going to help anyone move faster or lift more.

I would prefer to see competitors wear their own gear. It seems with a type 'uniform' things are going to look a little bland and monochromatic since everyone will be wearing the same color.


wrote …

21 days of 24hr shifts with people working 10-12hr shifts! And I'll bet the people working the presses barely get minimum wage. I hope they were getting paid better than that and were paid double overtime. All that to achieve a perceived idea that everyone look good for the games.


wrote …

I think the exact opposite of what Reebok wants is going to happen...if you see someone at your gym wearing Reebok crossfit shorts people are going to laugh, knowing they spent $60 for shorts, for 35 for a plain T


wrote …

Reebok wants to charge $65 for to ship one t-shirt and to make matter worse $50 for that one shirt to Australia. Think I will stick with Nike who instead of constantly talking about how they are "going to" release products actually have them in stores across the globe.
Reebok I want to like you but your leaving it a bit late. Other competitors like New Balance, Inov-8, Nike and even Rogue are a step ahead.
Also just because CrossFitters support box owners with an expensive memberships does not mean you can overcharge us for clothing apparel.
Reebok bring down your price-point build and your CrossFit customer base then maybe slowly increase your prices because at this stage your prices appear to be nothing more than a money grab!


Alex Europa wrote …

I'm still waiting to see when Reebok is going to bring something of SUBSTANCE to the table that actually matches the CrossFit spirit. All I've seen thus far is overpriced workout clothes, CrossFit "celebrities" wearing said expensive gear (that they probably got for free) in all the videos, and a big purse for the Games (which is cool, I guess, but a far cry from Greg Glassman telling people that if their box fails he'll come work at McDonald's with them and teach people how to deadlift in the parking lot).

I'd love to hear the justification on a $100 hoodie when I can't seem to find any other hoodies from Reebok anywhere near that price range. Maybe my Google-Fu is weak, but I'm starting to wonder if Reebok is enjoying taking us for a ride.


Alex Europa wrote …

It would've been nice if Reebok had put the World's Fittest Man on the front page of how they sponsored it and dropped $250k on the kind of a big deal.

I can TOTALLY see how Reebok is trying to simply spread the word about CrossFit and not take advantage of CFers. :-(

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