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July 02, 2011

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South Tahoe CrossFit hosted the Fittest of the Sierras Challenge at its box in California. The competition was a charity event organized by the Genung Wunderlich Opportunity Foundation (GWOF), headed by co-founders Dusty Wunderlich and Chris Genung.

To organize the event, the GWOF teamed up with Trent Gordon, director of Project Wave of Optimism (WOO), a non-profit designed to “promote sustainable community development in the surfing regions of Latin America.” All the proceeds from the event were given to Project WOO for its work in Nicaragua building schools and public transportation in a surfing community.

As a surfer, Gordon found that he had a unique opportunity when he visited remote destinations.

“You go to a lot of places that otherwise no one would ever visit. There’s this opportunity to really effect good change in some of these communities that have a lot of needs,” Gordon says. He says the idea behind Project WOO is “for surfing to have a positive impact on the communities that we visit.”

Wunderlich shares the origin of his charity and how it’s helping underprivileged individuals around the world obtain access to food, water, shelter, health care and education. Genung says that CrossFit has been a good fit for his charity because it shares a similar focus on fitness, health and wellness.

“The CrossFit community has really embraced us, and we appreciate it,” Wunderlich says.

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Additional reading: On Top of the Western World by Dusty Wunderlich, published April 6, 2010.

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wrote …

Holy cow, I go to Elko High School, maybe I could get a scholarship.


wrote … has "Genung Wunderlich Opportunity Foundation" listed on our site. we are ready to go with fundraising. take a look at the page and if you need help just ask.

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