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Warming Up With Rory and Nick by Rory McKernan and Nick Massie - CrossFit Journal

Warming Up With Rory and Nick

By Rory McKernan and Nick Massie

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July 10, 2011

Video Article

HQ’s Rory McKernan and Aspen CrossFit’s Nick Massie show how to train an injured elite athlete safely.

CrossFitter T.J. Gulla is a world-class snowcross athlete who has been injured and needs some targeted mobility work and a thorough warm-up. Watch these coaches in action as they work with the injured athlete and provide new training tips anyone can use to spice up their warm-up and mobility routine.

In Part 1, McKernan takes Gulla and a small group through a series of stretches including lunges, groiners, deep squats, boot strappers, under-the-fence shifts, inchworms, active downward-dog yoga poses and various leg raises.

In Part 2, Massie takes Gulla through a series of mobility exercises to target his specific needs.

“This is mainly myofascial treatment, where we’re going to just kind of loosen up the fibers around the muscles, the myofascial fibers,” Massie says. Massie uses a technique that has been developed by Kelly Starrett, the supple leopard behind MobilityWod.

Massie target’s Gulla’s hips, quads, groin and IT bands. Then he moves Gulla onto his back for some “informed freestyling” using balls and foam rollers for Gulla to target specific tight spots in his shoulders and back.

“Manage the pain and move around to where it feels like you’re accomplishing something,” Massie says. “It’s like a super-deep massage, but you’re doing it yourself.”

9min 25sec

Additional reading: Stretch for Optimum Performance—Before the WOD by Gus Patel, published March 9, 2011.

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5 Comments on “Warming Up With Rory and Nick”


wrote …

Great video. This looks like my daily routine. I have a yoga background and when I got into strength and conditioning I decided to steal the best stuff I learned from my Ashtanga for my warmups. Group mobility work is a great way to introduce people to training as they will become more supple and increase their strength at the same time.


wrote …

This is great, can't wait to try it in the garage tomorrow.


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

"To be ignorant of motion is to be ignorant of Nature.."-Aristotle
I'm on the same page as Karl with Ashtanga yoga-mobility is a key aspect of training-very nice video.


wrote …

Great quote Tammi!

Just a safety note..

If you or your client thinks you have broken ribs please refer to their physician. Yes, there is nothing you can do for them typically. But rolling around on a hard blunt object could create much worse havoc with you or your client. Lasting thing you want is a perforated lung.

Thanks for the videos!


wrote …

Anyone know what the small rolling pin/bar is called that he used for ITB/Quads?

I use a foam roller and lacrosse balls for this stuff, but that rolling bar looked cool.

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