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Why Use a Training Log? by Glen Harrison - CrossFit Journal

Why Use a Training Log?

By Glen Harrison

In Coaching, Equipment

July 15, 2011

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Glen Harrison says the benefits of a log book aren’t just about seeing shorter WOD times but creating a record of information that provides answers.

Although it might not be as fun or sexy as a 500-lb. deadlift or a two-minute Fran, taking time to log workout details can go a long way in helping you become a better CrossFitter.

We all inherently understand the benefits of keeping a training log. However, many of us are either not maintaining one or simply going through the motions by scribbling our WOD times in a notebook or spreadsheet.

A well-maintained training log can provide a wealth of historical data. It can contribute valuable clues about what might have precipitated an injury or what little things you might have done differently the last time you were setting PRs at a feverish pace.

What follows are just a few powerful reasons to take the extra time to keep a purposeful training log and some tips to get the most out of using one.

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17 Comments on “Why Use a Training Log?”


wrote …

I have always kept a log since CrossFitting. Originally in notepads or printouts of various WODs, but now online "beyond the whiteboard". (notepads always got sweaty and sometimes my writing is hard to read especially shaking after a WOD) Great site to enter goals, food, even tracks your PR's for you on previously performed WODs and or compares similar lifts. Definitely a valuable tool if you're serious about fitness.


wrote …

I use and love it.


wrote …

If we are throwing out sites we like. We use:

I am working my way through the Novice Starting Strength progression and like the tracking there. Big fan.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

We are a bit old school. Something about keeping a book, to have on hand, works for me!
That said, we have always had our people keep binders. Cody created sheets for daily WODS, and PR's Sheets for a special section in the binders. Works great!
If you would like a copy of the templates, let me know!
CrossFit Excellence :)


Jeri Mcmaster wrote …

WODbooks! They're the best. - customized for your gym.


wrote …

On page 5, under the heading of Planning, there is a typo - goats, instead of - goals.
Other than that, thank you for another fantastic and motivating article.


replied to comment from Cody Limbaugh

I would love a copy of your templates. You can email them to



wrote …

I have kept a detailed log in a spreadsheet since I started following Crossfit. I have used it to figure out what contributed to injuries and it's always nice to be able to type that capital "P" and "R" when I set a new personal record. Keeping a detailed log is good advice for anyone that's serious about their workouts.


wrote …

Cody, can I get a copy of your templates? Email is Thanks in advance. Love the article, too!


wrote …

Cody, I too would love a copy of your templates - - many thanks!


wrote …

Great article, thanks! We're using Logsitall ( for our kid's program. Ton's of flexibility (the developer is very accessible) and using an ipad/iphone makes it really easy on the fly for both us and the kids.

Paper is great for ease of use initially but the quick and in depth analysis afforded by databasing is huge. Striking the balance between "real paper" ease of use/intuitiveness and DB analysis/action drivers is clutch. There's a lot of really cool things going on in this space. Crossfitters can get a ton of value in regards to increasing work output and seeing trends in their training. Excited to see how things evolve and how that affects athletes!


wrote …

Antonio & Damon...I'll email you each a copy of our trial...anyone else interested email me @ or go to to download for free


wrote …

Here are a few sites that I found helpful for logging Crossfit workouts:

1. (cost)

2. (free)

3. (free)


replied to comment from Cody Limbaugh

Cody Limbaugh, I too would like a copy of your templates so I can look thru. I will reciprocate and send you some of the stuff I have created as well.



wrote …

Hey Jen,

Would love a copy of Cody's templates.


replied to comment from Cody Limbaugh

Could you please send me the log templates?

Thanks in advance



replied to comment from Cody Limbaugh


would you kindly send me a copy of your templates?



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