A Legend Returns

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In CrossFit Games

August 18, 2011

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After more than seven years of inspiring generations of CrossFitters, Nasty Girl Annie Sakamoto competes as an individual at the CrossFit Games. Andréa Maria Cecil reports.

Fear is what gripped her.

For four years, it kept her from individual competition at the CrossFit Games.

“I was scared,” Annie Sakamoto admitted after the final workout of the three-day event held July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

Scared, that is, until this year. That’s when she stepped into the spotlight with countless fans behind her.

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11 Comments on “A Legend Returns ”


wrote …

Good story and great person! I always loved the old style Crossfit videos and pictorials that featured her and Greg Amundson. Hopefully Amundson was inspired by Annie this year and will be cleaning house next year at the games.


wrote …

Yeah, seing Greg A at the games would be the best shit ever!


wrote …

You are truly an inspiration to many Annie! Loved watching you at the Games this year! Way to go!!!


Jeff Martin wrote …

Love Annie!


wrote …

My first introduction to CrossFit was Fran...(February, 2008) someone suggested I try it as I wasn't getting results with a strength coach at a globo gym. I had no idea what I was doing... neither did the person who recommended it to me... I was directed to the website... FRAN was the WOD on the mainsite... In Globo like fashion I did it as 5 sets of 10 since I couldn't understand the rep scheme... With 2 - 3 minutes rest between sets... water fountain... talking to friends... I finished it in about 30 minutes (and was smoked).. Afterwards, someone who knew a little more about CrossFit directed me to the Greg and Annie video where I coudln't believe what I was seeing. I was so insprired that I dropped out of Corporate life (Technology Director at Sprint) to become an affiliate owner. That video changed my life... We have 165 members at Hammer Down CrossFit in Virginia.... I can only hope that I will inspire as well as they did for me.


wrote …

One video of Annie that sticks out and I believe is still on the main site page under the exercise demos. But, I just remember watching the "knees to elbow" demo video, and at the end Annie is showing what is not the proper form. But, she is trying so hard to not do the proper form that she is just busting up laughing. You can't hear her because there was some music playing, but her reaction was great and sounds like from people who know her that is classic Annie. I watched the video a long time ago, but still remember her laughing when I do toes/knees to bar/elbow.

One truly great Crossfit representative.


wrote …

Those videos got me going in CrossFit. Thanks Annie.


replied to comment from Jeff Martin

Nicely stated. Ditto! =)
(Theresa R.)


wrote …

If you guys ever decided to make a Crossfit Hall of Fame, I think Annie would have to be one of the first inductees...truly inspirational


Justin Riley wrote …

It was so great to watch you compete in the games. You are an inspiring CrossFitter in so many ways. Congrats on a phenomenal performance.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

I watched Annie when she "with child" at the original CF Santa Cruz for my cert. (as they called it back then, it was 3 days long)in May 2006 and she was a bundle of energy the whole time. If I am not mistaken, I think she was doing HSPU that weekend to top it all off.
What an athlete!

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